Karaoke and Okonomiyaki - London August 2007

Karaoke and Okonomiyaki

Saturday 11th August 2007

Day out with Chie, Yukari-san, and Eri-san to sing some karaoke and eat some okonomiyaki.

London August 2007

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15:02:27 Here we are in Karaoke Box on Firth Street - could just as well be in Japan!15:04:26 ...the equipment was all quite authentic too.16:09:13 Nice picture of the three girls, who really seemed to be enjoying themselves...

16:55:55 Chie doing a bit of a solo number.17:13:39 Outside Karaoke Box.18:28:03 Dinner at Abeno Too - okonomiyaki. Our waitress / chef, pictured here, was absolutely fantastic - she smiled incessantly the whole time we were there.

18:28:28 Eri-san and Yukari-san with their hera.18:33:17 I went for a kiso mix - Japanese mushrooms, lotus root, garlic and cheese - this was very good indeed.18:35:58 The finished products, ready to eat....

21:27:11 Random picture on mine and Chie's way home later on that evening - a broken traffic light.