Girls Back from Japan
Thursday 20th April 2023
The girls got back from Japan this morning. Rather impressively we got home from the airport at 8:50AM, and Erika was in school by 9AM! In the evening exchanging "omiyage" (souvenirs, generally edible) from our travels.
London April 2023
John's Pictures

The three of us on the Elizabeth Line on the way back from Heathrow.

The girls and all their luggage.

The half price (but still overpriced!) Rose and Violet Cream Easter Egg I had picked up from Fortnum and Mason on Easter Monday.



A new type of beer can from Japan, with a large opening designed to produce a head of foam.

Chie saw I had bought a blowtorch and reminded me we actually already had one, which had been sitting at the back of a drawer for possibly 20 years.

Finally used that tiny blowtorch for the first time having bought Butane for the other one.