Tunbridge Wells - London April 2009

Tunbridge Wells

Sunday 12th April 2009

A day out to visit Tunbridge Wells, taste the famous spring water, and go for a ride on the Spa Valley railway.

London April 2009

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Maison de Stuff

11:51:05 Quite a nice church spire here.11:52:18 Chie in the Pantiles.12:02:48 ...and again.

12:12:44 Here's the Chalybeate Spring.12:14:13 The dipper pouring out a glass of the spring water for us.12:16:06 Chie taking a sip with some trepidation.

12:17:37 There are actually two outlets side by side - one with the dipper, and this one which you can just help yourself to.12:17:51 A picture of the spring - you can see it is pretty irony.12:23:18 An intriguing sign hidden down an alleyway.

12:46:59 In the cafe where we had lunch, a dog peeking through the gaps in a spiral staircase.12:51:45 Chie with her lunch.13:19:37 The Spa Valley Railway. Chie with one of the locomotives.

13:22:46 The cafe at the station - rather charmingly a parked buffet car.13:24:55 Chie about to board the train.13:28:38 Just about to set off now.

13:39:54 Chie enjoys the view.13:48:02 Nice Weald countryside to be seen.13:52:10 ...and here we are at Groombridge, where, for now, the train turns around before heading back.

13:53:35 Chie on the platform at Groombridge.13:56:54 A nice cup of tea on the platform at Groombridge.13:59:05 There's the engine coming back round now.

14:00:50 14:23:21 On the way back now.14:26:14 Rather nice carriage with compartments in.

14:27:10 I believe this is probably called a vestibule.14:29:16 One stop along and a compartment became free.14:29:31 A bit hard to take a picture which gets it all in!

14:29:38 ....this is the way to travel!14:35:19 Surprisingly good self timer shot.14:37:26 Back at Tunbridge Wells station now, a few more pictures of the engine...

14:37:57 14:38:30 14:39:32

14:43:31 A little model railway inside the station.14:43:35 14:43:53

14:50:02 Back through the Pantiles...14:50:09 15:19:29 ...and finally here's one of Tunbridge Wells' parks...

16:32:34 ...oh and an old BR sign in Sevenoaks station, taken from the train on the way back to London.