Easter Saturday - London April 2009

Easter Saturday

Saturday 11th April 2009

Some pictures, mostly of Lego.

London April 2009

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Maison de Stuff

09:20:54 Here's the Pirate Lego set in full.09:21:16 A couple of soldiers in a little rowing boat.09:25:54 A couple of pirates.

09:29:35 A female pirate.09:30:21 A soldier.09:31:09 A pirate.

09:32:02 Another pirate.09:33:21 A soldier and a cannon.09:36:42 Two chaps in a boat.

16:31:58 Daffodils looking over towards Buckingham Palace, in St. James's Park.17:39:20 Little Ben near Victoria Station.17:39:38

19:02:13 The 33.74 Ardbeg from the SMWS.19:02:33 20:32:52 Mmmmmm Sapporo!