Regent's Park and St. John's Wood - London April 2009

Regent's Park and St. John's Wood

Sunday 5th April 2009

A Sunday afternoon stroll through Regent's Park to St. John's Wood.

London April 2009

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11:47:32 This here is a pigeon which apparently thinks it is a duck.11:57:26 One of the gateways to the inner circle of Regent's Park.11:59:09 Nice blossoms out... (although this picture is from my mobile so not so great)

12:00:48 ...a bit of a close-up.12:02:28 Pictures from here on are with my proper camera. This is me under one of the blossoms in my much loved tweed jacket. It's one of those pictures I anticipate looking back on in 10 years time with utter embarassment - "that jacket seemed like such a good idea at the time".12:02:53 Quite nicely focused picture of some blossom here - looked very like cherry blossom to me.

12:04:30 ...another interesting blossom on another tree.12:05:01 Are those turtles there...?12:06:27 Nice "Japanese" bridge and a weeping willow.

12:19:42 A host of daffodils.12:20:25 Some heather and more daffodils.12:42:03 This here is Abbey Road, not quite the famous zebra crossing...

12:42:47 ....I think it is in fact this one. Although maybe the picture on the album cover is taken facing the other way.12:43:11 On the walls outside the Abbey Road studio, lots of Beatles related graffiti.12:44:13 ...and more here.

13:08:11 In a nice little neighbourhood pub near Abbey Road - The Clifton - and this mirror with the enscription "Assirati's Temperance Bar" caught my eye.