Chie's Day Out - London April 2007

Chie's Day Out

Wednesday 25th April 2007

Chie had the camera today - she spent the daytime visiting the kids in Guildford, and then the evening out for dinner with her friend Akino-san.

London April 2007

14:58:22 My niece Katie...14:58:51 Chie and Katie.14:59:53 Daniel looking very laid back as Liz puts his shoes on.

15:00:21 Katie looking a bit cheeky.15:50:07 All three kids, although it looks like William is trying to obscure Daniel a bit.15:50:11 William looking mischievous.

15:50:27 William looking boisterous.15:50:34 ...and again.17:25:27 Nice picture of Battersea power station on Chie's way back into London.

19:01:28 Not actually sure what this is! ...but this was Chie's dinner with Akino-san.19:01:34 Akino-san....19:02:00 Chie and some of the other customers at Misatoya.