Shakespeare's Birthday - London April 2007

Shakespeare's Birthday

Monday 23rd April 2007

Pictures from a night out to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday (!) - including a trip to the Globe to watch some old black and white films, then a wander along the Thames by night, followed by a gratuitous second dinner at the Blackfriars.

London April 2007

19:47:59 We wanted to go for a quick drink before heading over to the Globe, and had planned on going to the George Inn, but it turned out to be really overcrowded, so instead we popped to The Old King's Head, just around the corner.19:48:14 Another picture of me and the front of the pub.20:20:11 Here we are at the Globe, and hopefully you can make out the old black and white films being projected onto the side of the building... and also the string quartet over there in the little tent.

20:20:17 A view across the audience, and out over the river to St. Paul's.20:30:48 This is a scene from a Midsummer Night's Dream. It looked reassuringly just as daft done 100 years ago as it does today.20:52:45 After the performance we went for a bit of a stroll along the Thames, which was very nice lit up by night.

20:58:50 A view across the Millenium Bridge back to the Tate Modern.20:59:06 You can just about see Tower Bridge in the distance here.20:59:21 Chie took this - I really like the sense of perspective etc.

21:30:48 Oh the guilt - this was our second dinner of the evening. We had popped into the Blackfriars for a quick drink, and the people at the next table were eating these giant Yorkshire puddings... we couldn't resist.21:31:05 Me just about to tuck in... with a look of pure guilt on my face.