Spanish Omelet, Marathon and Japanese Food - London April 2007

Spanish Omelet, Marathon and Japanese Food

Sunday 22nd April 2007

Pictures from a Sunday consisting of a very nice brunch, followed by a wander out to see a bit of the London Marathon, then Japanese food back at home in the evening.

London April 2007

11:11:37 Sunday brunch - a Spanish omelet Catalan style (with a fresh tomatoey sauce).11:13:21 The served product, with a bit of brown bread and some orange juice.11:49:31 The legendary Noritake tea set - something of a family heirloom which has just recently been passed down to me (and luckily nobody had to pop their clogs for this to happen either!). I'm rather smitten with it.

13:30:07 We thought we ought to go out and see a bit of the London marathon, so here we are in Parliament square...13:30:17 ....just to prove it, there's Big Ben.13:35:16 ....more Marathon runners. Oggy, oggy, etc, etc.

18:11:15 Here's me in the apron I got from a sake brewery near Hiroshima - it seemed appropriate to put this on as we were making Japanese food tonight...18:11:35 Chie also wanted to join in on the apron wearing "fun".18:58:18 The results of all our apron wearing labour - temaki sushi. Lots of my favourite things here.

18:58:31 The table again, taken from a different angle.