Dinner with Mark and Christelle - London April 2007

Dinner with Mark and Christelle

Thursday 21st April 2007

Actually today was Rob and Byrnie's birthday, but I didn't quite get around to taking any pictures at their do - instead there's just a couple of random pictures of us having dinner with Mark and Christlle, followed by a couple of even more random pictures of me and Isembard Kingdom Brunel.

London April 2007

22:44:06 Christelle, Mark and Me in Zizzi's in Reading.22:44:33 ...same again with me swapping place with Chie.00:14:51 On the way back we went through Paddington station, and I had a strange compulsion to get my picture take with Isambard Kingdom Brunel...

00:15:02 ...here's another one of the same...00:15:09 ...and finally a close-up on the great Mr. Brunel.