Jelly Beans (and Gardens Again) - London April 2007

Jelly Beans (and Gardens Again)

Sunday 15th April 2007

Spent the afternoon sorting through jelly beans and then out in the gardens again.

London April 2007

14:11:37 We'd bought some Jelly Belly jelly beans back from the US, and this afternoon decided to sort them into their different flavours. Yes it's pretty anoraky I know.14:12:02 I thought this sort of picture might make a good desktop background...14:17:22 Here's the results from the first pass of the sorting...

14:23:21 ...and the second pass.14:23:55 ...and another picture of the same.14:24:03 I'm not sure I really wanted to be in this picture.

19:02:21 Later on we thought we'd have a nice sit out in the gardens, with another gin and tonic.19:02:31 There's a bit of a fountain which is quite pleasant.19:20:38 Chie made a birthday card for me this year...

19:21:00 ...inspired by something she'd seen in the Tate Britain apparently.19:21:11 ....there's the other side.19:21:25 ...and the bit lower down.