Markets and Gardens - London April 2007

Markets and Gardens

Saturday 14th April 2007

A day out involving gardens, markets, and the Thames.

London April 2007

11:13:56 Here's Chie in front of a flowering cherry tree - very Japanese!11:14:27 Me and another cherry tree.11:29:35 ...and in contrast to that bit of natural splendour, here's the arse end of Victoria station, looking over to Battersea power station. Urban and ugly though it is, I actually thought this makes for quite an interesting scene.

12:14:20 This is me standing in front of the King's Road market, the second of the two markets we went to today (the other one being the slightly less posh Pimlico Road market).12:15:49 I bought this pie from the Pieminster stand...12:20:11 I am carefully considering its relative merits...

12:20:22 ....the outcome - yes it was indeed a very good pie. FYI it was a wild mushroom and asparagus.13:20:03 A view along a not-that-interesting bit of the Thames.13:36:55 Oh and there's Battersea power station again.

13:37:10 Chie and a weeping willow.13:45:04 Well, it had to be done...18:10:39 There follow a series of pictures taken whilst we were enjoying a gin and tonic in the gardens....

18:10:46 This one involves Chie's leg as well.18:10:54 I appear to be reading something.18:11:31 This is in fact a picture of a picture in the book I was reading - nice isn't it?

18:12:08 Whilst I was reading Chie experimented with that often explored through-the-bottom-of-a-glass school of photography.18:12:19 The effects were a bit weird.18:12:38 Not sure I really can write comments for all of these...

18:12:54 ....oh look there's me.18:13:11 Incidentally this rather nice blue glass was a present from my grandmother.18:13:19 ...not so obvious that this one is taken through a glass - bit of a hall of mirrors effect.

18:13:24 ....and I think we"re done.19:43:32 Dinner - hotpot with some blewitts we'd bought earlier on.19:43:50 Here's a close-up on those blewitts.