Dinner and Sapporo - London April 2007

Dinner and Sapporo

Monday 10th April 2007

A couple of pictures of our dinner, plus the can of Sapporo I brought back from the US.

London April 2007

20:20:09 Mmmmm... pasta with some sort of tomatoey sauce, topped with pesto and Twineham Grange cheese.20:20:28 Avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.20:20:42 Mmmmm.... Sapporo. Chie bought this while we were in the US for me to drink on the last night when I was there by myself... but instead I brought it back to the UK and we had it tonight. Delicious.

20:20:58 Chie looking quite happy about the Sapporo as well.