Llyn - November 2003


Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd November 2003

Some very scenic pictures from a weekend trip to North Wales (the Lllyn peninsula) to visit my Dad.

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14:41:32 Now I think this is on the beach at Abersoch.

14:41:43 this would be the far end, away from the town.

14:41:50 Same thing again.

14:42:10 I was clearly interested my some feature of this scene, although in retrospect I'm not entirely sure what it was!

14:42:33 I like the brooding mountains off in the distance here, on the other side of the bay.

14:45:05 Nice effect from the clouds here too.

15:27:34 More interesting wispy clouds.

15:35:48 I think this is Abersoch still - a few boats bobbing about in the harbour, as the sun starts to think about setting.

15:36:06 The same thing again.

15:36:34 ...and again, clearly I wasn't quite sure how best to compose this.

15:36:44 More of the same.

16:09:41 On the way back to Dad's house, this didn't really come out all that wonderfully, but at the time the sky had been rather fascinating if I recall correctly.

16:09:52 Hmmm a bit too much cloud to really appreciate that sunset.

16:10:01 My Dad never seems to lose his fascination with the sea or the sky, which I find heart warming.

16:10:14 Two little cloud cumulations here stick out from the main raft, illuminated by the last rays of the sun, and look a bit like mountain peaks.

16:10:28 More of the same really - I guess this needed zooming as the top two thirds of this picture are pretty uninteresting!

16:10:38 Same thing again. This was one of those frustrating bouts of photography where everything looks great in real life, and the camer just doesn't seem willing to co-operate.

16:11:00 ...and one last attempt before giving up and going back to Dad's house, almost certainly for tea and crumpets!

14:07:25 This is Black Rock Sands, a beach I often used to visit on bucket and spade holidays as a child. The sky here today was absolutely fascinating (unfortunately this picture isn't quite straight - a common problem for me!).

14:07:33 Same again in landscape. Weird effect of perspective from the clouds here - like they're all emanating from a single point.

14:07:41 More of the same, and you can just about see the peaks of some distant headland here.

14:08:01 Finally I managed to get it (more or lesa) straight!

14:08:08 Ah, back to slant-o-vision, which is a shame, because I really like the effect of the little silhouetted figure here.

14:08:21 More of the same thing - and the spirit level appears relatively happy in this one...

14:08:28 Another nice effect of a small silhouetted figure.

14:10:05 One of the handy things about Black Rock Sands is that you can park your car on the beach - at low tide. I'm sure they must lose a few cars every year here because of the tide!

15:29:04 I can't remember the name of this place - it's a reservoir my Dad goes for fishing sometimes. It had a weird quality to it on this visit - wonderfully still, and I loved the golden colours and the reflections in the water.

15:29:18 A small collection of little rowing boats here (sadly none of them belonging to my Dad!).

15:29:42 Wonderful blue sky and golden hillsides. Almost a "wild west" feel to it.

15:30:09 There's even a ruined farmhouse on one of the hillsides - honestly, what more could you ask for?

15:30:21 More of the same really - there's the boats again.

15:30:27 ...and yet more of the same thing.

15:32:29 I think this might be taken as we were leaving...

16:00:52 The final venue for our very nice day out was Criccieth, partly just because this is where we happened to be passing when the sun was setting...

16:01:00 In the first few pictures the sun was still perhaps a little bit to bright for my camera - so they're a little burnt out...

16:02:21 ...this one is nice, but still perhaps the sun is a bit too bright.

16:03:07 I'm not in anyway an expert when it comes to photography. I believe there is something called the rule of thirds - which presumably I have wantonly abandoned here.

16:04:23 Still the sun is a little too bright to be perfect...

16:04:48 Same here too...

16:05:17 I think it is getting there now. I found I was happier when I removed the foreground almost altogether, as it just tended to come out very black and uninteresting.

16:05:29 There follow many attempts now which at first glance look almost identical, but on close inspection do vary a little - one of the great things about sunsets being that they change constantly.

16:06:00 The sun is definitely cooling off a bit now, lending the sky some wonderful pastel shades.

16:06:42 Still it looks almost fiery here...

16:06:51 The sun is just about to be lost behind that headland.

16:07:44 It is pretty much hidden now - this is perhaps one of my favourites - especially as it also has something flying across the sky (is it a bird? is it a plane?).

16:08:23 Yep, the sun is hidden now - and there's the plane again. Oh and I also like the little tuft of grass in the bottom right hand corner. I think it was this shot which adorned my desktop on my computer at my previous company for a long time.

16:09:07 The pastel shades are now changing into more golden hues...

16:09:14 Well we're coming to the end now then.

16:09:39 ...still the colours are changing between every shot.

16:09:57 The final one - and perhaps the only one in which you can actually see a bit of Criccieth, and a rather proud looking lamp post.