Eurostar to Lille
Thursday 13th April 2017
Got the Eurostar to Lille after work.
Lille April 2017
John's Pictures

Chie and Erika on the Eurostar. We had booked in Standard Premier, so had a meal on board. Erika's was perhaps the best of the lot.


On emerging from the Channel tunnel.

After arriving in Lille and checking into our hotel we went for a brief evening stroll to have a look at the town, but Erika was getting tired, and the weather wasn't so nice, so this picture of some puns on the outside of a burger restaurant is all I have to show for the evening in Lille.

It occurred to us travelling with a small child meant not much potential for night life. So Chie and I just had a drink in our hotel room while Erika was sleeping. I didn't really like this beer.