Leon and Yukari's Wedding

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Friday 18th June 2004. Leon and Yukari's wedding, in Kent.

14:32:14 The Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone. The venue for the registration.

14:48:19 Yukari has just arrived in the bridal car, or whatever you call it, and is having a chat with Leon.

14:48:39 Yukari and Leon again. They're likely to feature in quite a lot of these pictures, you know.

14:52:03 Yukari with her mother.

15:26:33 I think this is just after the official bit of the ceremony, so you're now looking at Mr and Mrs. French.

15:28:15 The old stalwart, signing the book picture.

15:29:24 The newlyweds' parents come in to do their bit of the signing.

15:33:19 A mandatory bit of confetti, with the couple entirely obscured by the flamboyant Italian photographer. With lines like "Come on smile, pretend like you love her!", he was a real gem.

15:33:37 The couple attempting to shake off the confetti from the previous picture.

15:33:52 Nice picture of the two of them in front of the doorway to the Archbishop's Palace.

15:33:57 ...and again.

15:35:31 On the stairs.

15:35:37 On the stairs again.

15:37:08 Obviously not posed picture including the bride's mother.

15:39:42 Now one which was posed for including Yukari's mother.

15:41:07 Yukari, Leon, and their respective parents.

15:43:49 The couple with all of Leon's family.

15:47:39 The couple with just Leon's parents. I like Leon's slightly mocking facial expression here.

15:47:45 Same thing again really.

15:55:24 Nice one in front of the churchyard.

16:00:37 Wandering through the herb garden next to the Archbishop's Palace.

16:00:44 In the herb garden again.

16:00:54 ...and again.

16:07:47 Chie on a bench. I was particularly fond of the dress she chose for the occasion.

20:09:37 Right then, here's the reception, at The Goods Shed in Canterbury, which was an excellent choice of venue - the food was fantastic.

20:09:59 Chie not wishing to be photographed.

20:10:38 Me and Chie demonstrating our happiness at the provision of wine.

20:23:22 A shot of the table we were on, with Chie inexplicably putting a candle on the top of her head.

20:23:34 A shot of several tables, covering about three quarters of the guests.

21:16:37 Chie drinking some water.

21:45:38 Chie and Yukari, and it suddenly looks very dark outside (probably something to do with the flash).

22:01:24 Some nice respectable young men - Stewart, me and Gav.

22:02:36 Me and Chie.

22:19:10 Yukari, seen between other people's heads, whilst David was making his speech.

22:26:04 Craig making his speech (highly amusing it was too).

22:42:16 Leon, Yukari, and Leon's cousins.

22:44:57 Leon and Yukari cutting the cake.

22:59:20 The girls waiting for the throwing of the bouquet. I have to admit a slight twinge of disappointment aty Chie's failure to get anywhere near the middle.

23:00:01 Seemingly very funny.

23:29:10 Sparklers - lovely.

23:29:21 Seemingly the sparklers went out before I managed to take this picture.

23:29:48 Gav having a sniff of a gone-out sparkler.

23:30:00 Me, and I think Gav, looking a bit blurred.

23:30:12 Chie liked this picture, so we left it in, although it is a bit pointless really!

23:40:40 Gav and Mags having a bit of a fight apparently.

23:41:34 Looks like Gav won.

00:22:34 I think this is Chie and Gav doing "Man, Horse!". Sort of an in-joke, sorry.

00:22:56 Last picture of the evening, as people mill around and start to think about leaving. All in all a really lovely day!