Last Night in England

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Saturday 30th April 2005. I'd originally planned to meet a load of friends at the beer festival for my last night in England, but the rediculous queues, coupled with the fact I'd been the previous evening made me give up on that idea. Instead we spent an evening in the Back of Beyond, which, given the excellent company, was actually very nice. The majority of these pictures were taken by Rob for a change, which may explain the slight departuture in artistic style....

21:50:50 Here we all are in our little booth - Paul, Sam, Rob, Kate and me. I can't remember who took this - it may have been Byrnie, or it may have been Michelle.

21:51:03 Same sort of thing, but here I'm showing off the rather excellent leaving card Rob gave me.

21:51:27 Look - Michelle's here too! I'm slightly concerned about Paul's facial expression here - although he had spent several hours at the beer festival prior to this, so perhaps it can be excused...

21:51:39 The classic Rob self portrait. I have a secret evil plan to print out a collection of these, exhibit them at a gallery in Japan, make millions, and not give Rob a penny.... Mwu ha ha ha ha etc.

21:52:40 A really nice picture of two old friends, I've got a little bit of a silly facial expression, but I like it nonetheless. Somehow Michelle looks taller than me, I think this must be the stool effect.

21:53:04 A very interesting array of facial expression on offer here in this portrait of me and Kate.

21:53:55 Byrnie stalks beermats amongst a Leffe-ish tundra.

21:54:16 Clearly some concentration was required here to get just a single eye protruding from above the Leffe.

21:54:40 Michelle, presumably somewhat oblivious to Paul's presence, and Sam, who is nurturing something - perhaps a baby chaffinch - in his hands.

21:55:48 I think that's Paul on the other side of the Leffe. Sounds like a lyric from a Pink Floyd song.

21:56:12 I'm deeply worried about the extent to which the corner of Paul's mouth extends down into his jawline here. This doesn't look naturally.

21:56:53 One of the other classics in Rob's arsenal - the picture of feet.

21:57:28 A proverbial forest of insults - a cusswood, if you will.

21:57:54 Really nice effect of perspective created with people's face here. Jolly good show Rob.

22:09:31 Presumably the instruction here was for Byrnie and Paul to extrude a digit of their choice.

22:09:46 Sam looking pensive and, thanks to red-eye, also mildly demonic.

22:11:00 Paul attempting, somewhat in vein, to store his mobile phone in his nose.

22:11:19 Number 41 - some of the side of my head.

22:11:49 Sam, Paul, and a surprisingly forlon looking Byrnie. Perhaps it is the realisation that his glass is 14% empty.

22:17:16 Surprise, intrigue and widespread disbelief being demonstrated quite skillfully by Paul and Byrnie here - is there no limit to these guys acting prowess?

22:17:43 Note sure if Paul is consuming or producing here.

22:17:57 Clearly not taken by Rob, but I hope I didn't take this, as it is really bad!

22:18:02 Rob and Byrnie in an exchange slightly reminiscent of "Alas Smith and Jones".

22:18:16 Byrnie doing the much loved "I thought you were changing at Crewe" for old time's sake.

22:18:26 The sort of intrigued faces you might find in a children's film set in a public school - "What? You mean Jenkins and Richmond have stolen the Poncenby-Smithe trophy from the head boy? They'll be sent down!"

22:18:37 A very sassy picture of Rob and Kate.

22:18:47 A not to sassy picture of me and Rob.

22:19:02 Sam, still either shocked or excited by the previous picture.

22:19:08 Some floor.

22:19:14 Sam, is that a knife in your mouth or do you have a remarkably unusual tongue?

22:21:35 Yes, clearly we have reached the stage of cutlery pictures...

22:29:34 Yet another absolute old classic.

22:49:15 Somebody (I forget who, perhaps Michelle or Kate) had tied Paul's shoelaces together under the table.

22:55:03 Mr. Gasson did eventually arrive, which I was particularly pleased about as it won me a quid.

23:00:48 General conversation ensues, whilst Sam considers the lily.

23:01:07 Obviously something quite serious being discussed here.

23:01:24 A girly chat, one might assume.

23:01:44 More drinking etc.

23:06:19 I think I may have ill-advisedly attempted to speak some French with Cristelle here by this point in the evening.

23:06:48 Paul's neck appears to have snapped, and Mark here is wondering why.