Korean Karaoke

Korean Karaoke

Friday 23rd November 2007

A night out consisting of a visit to the movies (not pictured here), some Korean food, then a bout of Korean karaoke.

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22:06:44 In Asadal, there's a murky Gav and Kyle in the background, with some sign language in the foreground. Oh, and like many of the pictures this evening there's a bottle of jinro in shot.22:07:03 Leon had been drinking since lunchtime apparently (Chie on the other hand hadn't).22:10:19 The chaps tucking into some excellent Korean food - and there's a bottle of Jinro in shot again.

23:38:16 On the bus from Holborn to Tottenham Court Road...23:53:49 Here we are in the excellent karaoke booth at Assa now.23:54:06 I was mightily impressed by the Korean karaoke system.

00:06:48 Gav has OB there I believe, whilst Stew appears to prefer Hite. Oh, and there's a bottle of Jinro in shot.00:13:15 Leon and Gav really going for it. Note the bottle of Jinro in shot.00:23:01 Gav and Stew seemingly doing a somewhat more soulful number. Oh and note the Jinro.

00:25:44 More of the same really...and Jinro of course.00:32:55 Look at the sheer delight on Gav and Stew's faces here. Can only just see a thin sliver of the side of a Jinro bottle here.00:33:04 Me putting in a no-doubt superb performance, spurred on by the stunning visuals of the excellent Korean karaoke system. Can just about see the tope of two (yes, two!) bottles of Jinro here.

00:48:05 It seemed important at the time to survey the contents of the table. Naturally, amongst the hite and the OB, there's a bottle of Jinro.00:51:30 THERE ARE NO JINRO BOTTLES VISIBLE IN THIS SHOT.00:56:08 ....however this one is back to form... and much merriment seems to be taking place.

01:09:52 Outside Assa - 10/10 for a Friday night karaoke venue.01:20:57 Random on-the-bus-on-the-way-back picture.01:56:28 Back at our flat now, a couple of random pictures before we all passed out.

01:58:37 ...more of the same.02:43:36 Stew and Leon having a bit of a play on my keyboard (I bet we were so popular with the neightbours) - annd if you look at Stew's right hand you might just about be able to make out some jagariko.