Hanami - Japan Spring 2008


Sunday 30th March 2008

Last full day in Japan, and the sakura had blossomed just in time for us to enjoy a hanami in Tokyo.

Japan Spring 2008

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11:59:36 Apparently I never grow tired of peculiar Japanese signs.13:58:51 The cherry blossom in the grounds of the Yasukuni shrine.13:58:59 Chie and some cherry blossom.

14:03:32 It was very crowded - we had to queue to get onto this footbridge!14:04:57 More cherry blossom...14:05:37 ...and more crowds!

14:07:19 On the way into the Yasukuni shrine now.14:10:51 ...and the hanami appears to be in full swing, despite the slightly inclement weather.14:15:16 The girls had found a table for us - and apart from the coats and scarves you can't really tell the weather was a bit crap here.

14:15:32 The other side of our table.14:20:50 ...of course no hanami is complete without beer!14:29:12 Some sakura...

14:54:23 Inevitably, it did start to rain a bit.14:54:48 Yuki-san had thoughtfully brought along a transparent umbrella so could still appreciate the cherry blossom.15:16:03 The main building of the Yasukuni shrine.

15:17:44 ....lots of umbrellas!15:17:57 On the way back out again.15:30:09 Some people out boating, undeterred by the weather.

15:30:16 ...zoomed in a bit.15:46:38 Last picture of the girls before Chie and I headed off to her friends' house in the suburbs.