Shinagawa, Chofu and Shinjuku - Japan Spring 2008

Shinagawa, Chofu and Shinjuku

Friday 28th March 2008

A fairly random day - morning in Shinagawa, and then most of the rest of the day in Chofu, with a quick shopping trip to Shinjuku in the early evening.

Japan Spring 2008

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11:07:27 Curry for breakfast! At a macrobiotic cafe in Shinagawa station.11:07:31 It was actually quite nice - and it was a treat to find something like this which was completely vegetarian in Japan.11:33:56 Some sakura in Shinagawa.

11:34:03 I liked the reflections here.11:34:09 Same building and cherry blossom again.12:22:01 This is where we said our goodbyes to Chie's family - we wouldn't be seeing them again on this trip.

13:58:56 A little later on, in Chofu, where we were going to be staying with my friend and former colleague Aoki-san, and his wife Kirilche-san.13:59:11 Me, Chie and Aoki-san and front of their new home.14:03:23 Aoki-san was particularly proud of this luscious green grass.

17:31:21 A quick shot of Shinjuku, where we went to do a quick spot of shopping while Aoki-san was at a meeting.17:35:56 Even the escalator handrails have been turned into advertising inventory!