By the Sea - Japan Spring 2008

By the Sea

Thursday 27th March 2008

Daytime spent enjoying the coastline of the Izu peninsula, then back to Tokyo in the evening.

Japan Spring 2008

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Maison de Stuff

08:28:36 Breakfast, a similar sort of thing to dinner but on a slightly smaller scale.08:28:45 08:28:59 Inside my nabe.

09:05:52 The view from our room's balcony again.09:09:16 09:09:32

09:48:31 This reads: Rinse in Shampoo. Thank you for using me. It is my pleasure to serve you. I hope to be used by you again.09:49:23 A couple of last shots of our hotel before checking out...09:49:36

09:54:37 In the dining room at the hotel.09:54:55 10:17:53 At Atagawa station - we couldn't resist this.

10:33:39 Atagawa station.11:09:53 Now at Izu-Kogen station.11:12:06 Outside Izu-Kogen station, planning our route.

11:21:00 11:21:40 The sign directing us to the famous (well, slightly) suspension bridge.11:23:06 Excellent work on this sign for a karaoke place here.

11:25:47 On the way to the coast...11:29:32 11:31:14

11:37:55 11:38:10 Some lovely coastal scenery from here on.11:39:08 some very pleasant woodland too!

11:40:59 11:42:49 11:42:57

11:45:39 So here's the suspension bridge.11:46:10 11:46:46

11:46:54 11:47:01 Self portrait on the suspension bridge.11:48:21

11:49:01 11:49:48 11:50:09

11:51:47 11:53:03 Steps down to the little bay where we had lunch.11:53:37

11:53:44 11:55:40 A little bit giants causeway-esque here.11:57:13

11:57:26 11:57:32 The spot were we stopped for lunch - quit idyllic.12:03:56 Chie eating her bento.

12:09:28 Chie's parents digging into their bento boxes.12:11:43 Another interesting beer name - BEER FINE.12:15:44

12:26:23 Having a little explore around the area after lunch.12:27:18 12:27:30 Looks quite tropical here!

12:28:06 That suspension bridge again.12:28:17 12:28:24

12:29:39 A dead fish - maybe dropped by a bird?12:30:06 12:31:35

12:33:24 12:34:12 I love the reflection here.12:35:11 A close-up on the giants causeway type bit.

12:36:08 A blue bird.12:37:41 Chie and her Dad.12:38:57

12:52:55 Heading back now. Here's some woodlands flowers.12:57:17 12:58:25

13:26:37 Back in the town we decided to go and take a wander along one of Izu-Kogen's sakura lined streets.13:27:10 Chie and her parents, with some barely visible cherry blossom behind them.13:27:29 ...the cherry blossom is somewhat more apparent here.

13:28:02 Lovely!13:28:10 13:28:35

13:29:01 13:29:13 13:30:26

13:31:58 Not sure what the meaning of this is - a bit like that no overtaking sign, or the one where it looks like a motorbike is flying over the top of a car.13:35:32 13:36:05

13:36:56 13:43:32 This was growing in a drain!13:46:10

13:59:03 Chie and her parents enjoying a mini-hanami.14:08:00 14:08:04

14:08:06 14:08:09 14:11:42 It appears there was some kind of dog petting zoo place here - which may explain the sign earlier.

14:25:50 A public foot spa.14:57:49 Izu-kogen station.