Atagawa Onsen - Japan Spring 2008

Atagawa Onsen

Wednesday 26th March 2008

Stayed the night at a hotel in Atagawa on the Izu peninsula, and enjoyed the onsen there.

Japan Spring 2008

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11:17:44 In Tokyo station - we have a bit of a collection of pictures of these boars from around the world now (one in the Cotswolds, plus the original in Firenze).12:00:05 Chie's parents on the train bound for the Izu peninsula.12:00:19 A new brand of Asahi happoshu (a kind of fake beer made for evading taxes). I liked the way they proudly pronounced it as "STYLE FREE". It was a bit tasteless, as you might expect.

12:05:20 My vegetarian bento, bought from a department store in Ginza.12:06:48 Chie's bento.12:07:08 My bento again.

12:20:17 Chie and her bento... again.12:24:49 A train overtaking us.12:29:47 My MacBook and the one-seg tuner I'd bought for it.

12:41:09 My old favourite, Asahi Aqua Blue.14:18:25 On arrival in Atagawa, on the Izu peninsula.14:18:36 One of the onsen outlets.

14:18:51 Same again with Chie and her Mum in the foreground.14:38:13 The pool at our hotel.14:47:12 Our hotel room - came out a bit dark but hopefully you can see the sea view here!

14:47:17 14:47:51 Out on the balcony - Chie's parents room was next to ours.14:48:58 The view from the balcony.

14:49:04 Look - a jacuzzi!15:14:08 We went out for an afternoon stroll - I liked this cat, wisely sitting on one of the pipes carrying hot onsen water.15:14:37 The cat again.

15:16:28 The town was full of these little towers, something to do with pumping the onsen water.15:22:03 We took a walk along the seafront, and I got really snap happy - so I won't try and write comments for all of these!15:22:34

15:23:12 15:23:26 15:23:39

15:23:52 15:23:54 I'm trying to demonstrate how windy it was...15:23:57

15:24:02 15:26:42 Another cat!15:28:52

15:32:05 A little shrine by the side of the road here.15:32:17 15:32:58 Odd rock formations...

15:33:07 15:35:42 15:36:01

15:37:25 ...and another cat, under this little table set up outside a little fisherman's hut.15:39:40 A little cove at the end of the road - Dad would have liked this.15:41:55 These steps hewn into the cliff appeared to lead nowhere.

15:42:09 15:42:55 15:43:44

15:48:34 ...and another cat.16:02:03 The rather messy gap between two buildings - and I think that pool there is onsen water.16:02:16 The little river that runs through Atagawa.

16:03:26 An old Pachinko hall.16:06:18 Another one of those outlets.16:06:38 Some superb mineral deposits!

16:06:51 16:07:21 Quite hot then.16:09:53 This was superb - not sure you can quite make out the steam rising off it, but this was a little stream of onsen water running into the sea here.

16:11:10 16:11:33 16:12:16

16:23:59 Our hotel for the night.18:08:30 A rare shot of me in a dressing gown like item of clothing (technically a yukata).18:08:37 Trying to look like a drunken old Japanese man.

18:10:19 18:11:03 18:20:46 Dinner - quite a feast laid out here!

18:20:56 18:21:55 18:22:07

18:22:14 Chie's parents about to dig in.18:22:33 Me and Chie at the dinner table.18:22:39

18:27:45 18:27:55 Cherry blossom as a garnish to one of my dishes.19:31:27

19:58:01 20:59:41 A little later on, me and Chie's Dad enjoy some sake. All very Japanese!