Yuka's Graduation and Odaiba - Japan Spring 2008

Yuka's Graduation and Odaiba

Tuesday 25th March 2008

A couple of pictures of Yuka in her graduation hakama, followed by lots of night shots of Odaiba in the evening.

Japan Spring 2008

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10:23:01 So this is in Daimon, where Yuka's graduation ceremony was held.10:24:30 ...and you could get a good view of Tokyo tower from here.10:29:17 Yuka-chan in her graduation costume (a hakama - slightly different to a kimono) with a friend of hers.

10:31:15 Me and the two Japanese graduands.10:34:30 ...more views of Tokyo tower...10:34:49 ...and again.

11:16:25 I had to pop into my office so couldn't stay for the ceremony itself. Here's my first picture of the trip of some cherry trees blossoming. in Shibuya.17:33:36 Back at the hotel on Odaiba, here's the view from our room again with Chie and her parents in silhouette.17:33:48 ...an attempt to make their faces a bit more visisble!

17:38:13 That view again without any people in front.17:57:10 ....and again as it started to get dark...17:57:30 ....and again, I think this was just with some different camera settings.

18:38:34 On the way out to have dinner on Odaiba, here is one of many attempts to get a decent night time shot of the Rainbow Bridge.18:39:07 There's the headquarters of Fuji TV over there.18:39:27 ...another Ranbow Bridge shot (better ones to follow!).

18:41:31 Inside Aqua City - a little shopping centre with some restaurants - I found a "Ducky Duck". I'm very confused by the need for the adjective here.18:43:14 ...I mean, as ducky things go, aren't actual ducks basically the duckiest? Is it not fairly redundant to describe a duck as "ducky"?19:31:55 This is taken from inside Gonpachi - the restaurant where we had dinner (and thus the reflection in the top right hand corner - no that's not a giant lantern hanging over Tokyo bay).

19:32:18 I put the camera in night time mode, and then attempted to take a picture holding it in my hands - the results were not great...!19:33:24 ...so eventually I settled on night time mode and the self timer, and laying it on a flat surface - not bad.19:54:42 ...in the other direction, where some of those dinner cruise boats can be seen.

19:55:34 ...more of the same.20:39:11 On the way back to the hotel - there's the statue of liberty on Odaiba.20:39:41 A bit zoomed in, again using self timer and night time mode - rather pleased with this one.

20:42:50 ...another very pleasing shot!22:14:47 ...back in the hotel, the view from our room again. Not really much of any aesthetic value to look at here, but I did like the streaking effect of the lights on the cars on the road below.22:16:56 Zoomed in on those shipping cranes a bit. Hmmm.... not that exciting really.