Kyoto to Tokyo - Japan Spring 2008

Kyoto to Tokyo

Monday 24th March 2008

Got the Shinkansen from Kyoto back to Tokyo. A few pictures of Odaiba, where our hotel for the next two nights was, plus a night out with Tanaka-san in Asakusa (but just the one picture!).

Japan Spring 2008

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12:39:34 Kyoto station, which its rather impressive high ceiling.12:39:41 A bit of Kyoto tower seen through the side of the station.16:53:47 A rather pointless picture taken from the Yurikamome line which goes from central Tokyo (ish) to the island of Odaiba.

16:54:25 Chie looking unhappy, I think about the fact we'd neglected to buy a 1-day travelcard.16:55:32 ....another underwhelming picture from the Yurikamome.16:55:44 ....that's a bit better- can clearly see the Rainbow Bridge here, albeit a bit murky.

16:56:05 ....even better still.17:04:34 Entrance to our hotel.17:14:31 View from our hotel room.

18:00:40 Errr.... the corridor.18:00:51 There are few opportunities in life to sit down in a lift. I say when one such opportunity presents itself, you should take it.19:32:26 In the evening I went out around Asakusa with my friend Tanaka-san, although this is the only picture I took all evening!

23:51:34 On the way back to Odaiba after my night out, some crappy night shots from the Yurikamome...23:51:54 Hmmmm.23:54:24 ...can see the Rainbow Bridge lit up here.

23:56:53 ....close up on one part of the illuminated bridge - but this picture is really a bit underwhelming compared to seeing the real thing.