Hiroshima to Kyoto - Japan Spring 2008

Hiroshima to Kyoto

Sunday 23rd March 2008

Travelled from Hiroshima to Kyoto, and met up with Dale and Erina there. Went to visit the famous Kiyomizu temple in the afternoon, then back to Dale and Erina's house in the evening.

Japan Spring 2008

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11:59:56 A very dark picture of me with some cheese and bread (one eventually tires of rice) on the shinkansen between Hiroshima and Kyoto.13:29:44 A brief change at Shink-Osaka...13:36:51 ....couldn't resist this train geek shot.

13:52:56 Chie about to get off the train in Kyoto.15:51:39 On the way up to Kiyomizu now, and here's me giving a false impression that I was helpful with pushing the buggy around.15:51:52 Erina and little Gilihad, who it seems was having a nap on the way to the temple.

15:53:34 Nearly there now, and a bit of a view back down over Kyoto to be had.15:53:42 ....zoomed in a bit on the Kyoto tower (which I'm not sure if I actually like, but still...).15:55:32 One of the gatehouses to the Kiyomizu temple.

15:56:20 Me and Chie on the way into the temple.16:01:15 Erina and Chie in a very Japanese "two shotto!".16:02:07 All the requisite roofs were in abundance here.

16:10:02 First glimpse at one of the balcony type bits for which Kiyomizu seems to be famous.16:12:48 There's also a sort of Jinja (Shinto shrine) part attached to what I presume to be an otherwise Buddhist temple.16:13:16 I loved how thoroughly covered with signs this small barrier thing was.

16:13:26 Not sure what this signifies, but it made for a nice picture to a Western eye.16:13:45 A little bit of early blossom (not sakura though I think).16:17:59 The big white bunny was definitely something of an enigma.

16:18:09 Chie ringing the bell in the shinto bit.16:20:53 ...back to the Buddhist bit.16:21:47 Erina went to stand on the other balcony bit so she could take a picture of me and Chie...

16:24:35 ....you can see us here!16:24:46 ....although the colours are a bit washed out unfortunately...16:24:53 ....that's a bit better.

16:27:27 I think we're not in this one.16:28:04 Quite like this picture - I guess this gives you the best feel for the temple, and it looks more or less who I'd imagined it from seeing it on TV etc...16:28:12 More of the same - I guess this would look spectacular once the sakura has blossomed - it's a shame we weren't here a week or two later.

16:29:43 Can see the pagoda here.16:34:27 Apparently a famous spot for drinking water in the temple grounds.16:35:04 A week or two later and this would be filled with sakura.

16:38:33 ....some nice earlier blooming trees here though - maybe plum?16:54:51 Having left Kiyomizu temple we took a wander through the charming little streets of Kyoto - I quite like this picture of Gilihad peering over Erina's shoulder.17:00:53 Gili-chan and Erina again.

17:01:10 Just wanted to take a picture of the street in general really.17:04:25 A bit of a family shot here.17:06:52 The buds really were right on the verge of blooming.

17:23:01 In Moriyamakoen now - and here's the famous giant sakura tree - not quite blooming yet!17:23:48 ....really very close though!17:24:46 ....and look what I found - a load of Google sponsored lanterns, presumably in preparation for all the hanami that would be taking place here in the next couple of weeks.

17:25:01 ....I rather like this heavily localised / seasonal logo.17:26:04 One of the lanterns in its entirety...17:26:55 ....I imagine this will be lovely in a week or so's time, when the sakura is blooming and the hanami-goers are enjoying the pleasant spring evenings...

17:47:03 Back at Kyoto station now - here's Kyoto tower again.17:54:32 On the train to where Dale and Erina live, near Kyoto.17:54:37 ....another family shot.

23:19:09 Later on that evening - the sign outside the rock bar Dale took me to for a quick drink. I was amused by the list of birthdays (presumably of rock stars) and "Diedays".