More Friends - Japan Spring 2008

More Friends

Sunday 16th March 2008

More meeting up with friends in Japan.

Japan Spring 2008

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15:24:32 Me having an afternoon rest in our hotel, not really sure why these pictures were necessary...15:24:47 ...more of the same...15:25:00 ...etc...

15:25:08 ....etc.16:09:37 Later on we ventured out to meet up with Chie's friend Kayo-chan, and Shibuya was even busier than it is usually.16:11:52 ...not sure if you can make it out, but there was actually some sort of protest going on.

16:11:57 ...I think you can see some of the police here.16:18:10 ....the other end of the protest march.18:29:49 We couldn't get into the original place we were aiming for, so instead we went to this burger place for an odd sort of afternoon tea.

18:30:02 ...another attempt at that picture with the flash on.22:13:04 Later on we met up with some of Chie's other friends for dinner at a restaurant in the Kokusai forum. Here's one of the dishes we ordered - tsukemono sushi.22:13:13 ...and some greasy but tasty deep fried yuba with cheese.

22:14:15 Here's our group - from left to right Yumippe, me, Yuki-san, Chie-chan, Asuka-san.22:14:31 ...same again but with the obvious "Cheese!" gag.23:34:20 On the way back to our hotel, I felt it necessary to take this picture of our local Bic Camera store.