Kobe - Japan New Year 2010


Wednesday 30th December 2009

A daytrip to Kobe from Hiroshima to visit Hiromuchan and have a look around the boat Yuka-chan works on.

Japan New Year 2010
11:17:00 Me and Chie on the Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Kobe.11:22:45 A blast of nostalgia - this is the model of phone I had when I was living in Japan.11:40:02 Coffee cup on the Shinkansen: "I'm going WEST with a"...
11:40:17 ..."cup of COFFEE".12:59:58 Kobe station. This is surprisingly awkward to get to from Shin-Kobe, where the Shinkansen stops - requires a journey on the underground and another train to get between the two.13:35:29 Canine topiary fans will appreciate this.
13:38:40 There's the ship Chie's sister works on.13:38:48 ...a bit closer up.14:06:28 Lunch with Hiromu-chan and Yuka-chan in the Old Spaghetti Factory. I think this is actually an American chain which has a few restaurants in Japan.
14:06:35 Note the bedsteads here.16:47:33 Kobe as seen from across the water as the light starts to fade. I rather like this picture, albeit on a bit of a slant.17:56:48 Our Shinkansen back to Hiroshima was delayed!!!!!
18:03:26 I guess I was bored whilst waiting for our train so started taking pictures of random signs in Shin-Kobe station.19:47:58 Chie and Yuka-chan on the local train from Hiroshima station to the little station nearest where Chie's family live.20:10:15 Dinner back at Chie's family's house. Potato kuroke (a Japanicised version of "croquette") - very nice!