Tuesday in Tokyo - Japan New Year 2010

Tuesday in Tokyo

Tuesday 29th December 2009

A wander around Akihabara and a visit to the Meiji Jingu shrine in the daytime, before getting the train to Hiroshima in the evening.

Japan New Year 2010
11:56:05 The Linux Cafe in Akihabara.13:26:16 Akiba Curry, where I had lunch.15:00:50 The entrance to Meiji Jingu.
15:05:44 Barrels of sake.15:07:00 Another gate.15:07:45 Lanterns with the names of donators to the shrine.
15:07:56 A couple of lanterns up close - I think these are mostly names of businesses.15:11:56 I'm guessing this is information about the year of the tiger, the Chinese zodiac year for 2010.15:13:35 Main inner gate of Meiji Jingu.
15:13:59 Year of the tiger again.15:17:34 That's the main shrine building.21:28:35 On the shinkansen, I think this is where we changed at Osaka - a rare change to see an empty Shinkansen carriage!
21:28:36 I rather like the effect of perspective in these pictures...21:28:39