Nozaki-Sensei and Ikebukuro - Japan New Year 2010

Nozaki-Sensei and Ikebukuro

Sunday 27th December 2009

First day of this trip to Japan. After checking in to our hotel in Shibuya we went to visit Chie's university tutor - Nozaki-sensei - out in the suburbs. In the evening we did a quick visit to Ikebukuro for my old favourite haunts, Rohlan and Quercus.

Japan New Year 2010
11:52:29 Chie on the Narita Express with some Jagariko and a bottle of Pocari Sweat.13:58:14 The view from our hotel room in Shibuya.13:58:21
14:33:03 At Meidaimae station, on the way to visit Nozaki-sensei - I rather liked this Keio train USB memory stick.15:45:11 A Nozaki-sensei's house, there's Junchan too!20:01:00 Later on, dinner number 2 in Rohlan in Ikebukuro.
20:08:45 The ever fantastic vegetarian tonkatsu set.20:21:49 ...and the vegetarian ma-poh ramen I had really enjoyed on my previous visit.20:21:55 ....Chie seemed to rather like this too!
22:32:21 The view from our hotel room by night.22:32:39 22:33:16
22:34:00 22:35:21