Sunday in Tokyo
Sunday 4th June 2017
Following yesterday's marathon a thankfully much quieter day in Tokyo. After sleeping surprisingly normal hours for local time I lazed about in my hotel room in the morning, and then for lunch went to "Ain Soph Ripple", which was conveniently nearby, for a surprisingly good veggie burger. Wandered around Shibuya for a bit after that, then met up with Tanaka-san for a drink at our old Shibuya Stalwart Ningen Kankai, then headed on to try hipster outpost Fuglen where Andrew joined us. From there we went to a random back street yakitori place and rounded off the evening at conveyer belt sushi place Uobei.
Japan June 2017
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I was very pleased at having actually used the little sewing kit provided in my hotel room for perhaps the first time I can remember, to repair my trousers.

My lunch at Ain Sop Ripple, a vegan cafe in Shinjuku. I slightly regretted the vegan "cheese" sauce on the fries (which were otherwise very good) and perhaps didn't need the large corn soup, which take an age to finish with the little spoon...

However the "chicken" burger itself was excellent.


Outside Ain Sop Ripple.

On my wander around Shibuya, I happened to pass the famous Nombe Yokocho (drinkers alley). All closed on a Sunday.

Macchiato at Streamer Coffee.

At Fuglen now with Andrew and Tanaka-san, where I was surprised to find al fresco drinking, a rarity in Japan.

Me and Andrew drinking in the street outside Fuglen.


Taken by accident I assume.

The Nordic Negroni at Fuglen. Quite different from a normal Negroni, very light, but not wholly unpleasant.

Andrew and Tanaka-san outside Fuglen.

Andrew and Tanaka-san outside the little neighbourhood yakitori place we went into on a whim after Fuglen.

At Uobei Sushi now, a particularly high tech conveyer belt sushi place with not one, not two, but three conveyer belts, all delivering sushi to order.

I don't know why I chose to eat more chips, having already had my fill at lunchtime. Presumably there just wasn't much else vegetarian on the menu.

My chips and a few maki sushi.