Den Haag - Holland

Den Haag

Sunday 12th September 2010

Chie and I spent the day wandering around Den Haag (including a visit to the Escher museum) whilst Yuka went off to see the maritime museum in Rotterdam. Got the train back to Hoek van Holland in the evening, and the overnight ferry back to the UK from there.


11:31:13 One of the palaces in Den Hague. Don't remember which one!11:36:11 A rather enticing display of cocoa in the window of a tobaconist's11:38:41 In the Lange Voorhout square, a series of sculptures.
11:40:03 Reminded me of something from Star Wars.11:41:34 11:42:23
11:56:42 Rather nice little antiques market at one end of Lange Voorhout, which we had a very thorough wander around.12:27:42 The Escher museum.12:41:41 Surprisingly photography was permitted inside.
12:42:04 A whole wall full of Escher's famous tesselations.12:50:21 Rather liked this self portrait in a reflective globe...12:50:40 ..another on the same lines.
12:50:47 13:00:39 The building itself was rather impressive, having been the winter palace of Queen Wilhelmina.13:02:12
13:04:16 Chie in front of metamorphosis, which is a particularly impressive bit of work.13:07:15 Close up on just one part of metamorphosis - it doesn't really fit in shot very easily.13:10:45 More famous Escher works.
13:21:07 Lovely windows here.13:21:48 On the top floor they give you a chance to try and recreate some of Escher's works for yourself.14:02:49 Lunch. We had a fun time trying to figure out what a "Twaalfuurtje" was - I was pretty sure I wanted the Vegetarisch version, whatever it was.
14:18:59 Had lunch in a big square full of caf├ęs with outdoor seating. I think the square was just called Plein. Here's Chie's Twaalfuurtje.14:19:04 ...and my Twaalfuurtje. I can say with some conviction this is the best Twaalfuurtje I've ever had.14:49:22 At the entrance to the Dutch Houses of Parliament buildings.
14:51:06 Two layers of rusticated voussoirs there. Well done!14:51:16 Chie hiding.14:52:16
14:53:39 This main hall was (rarely I understand) open to the public.14:57:34 Outside the main hall.14:57:40
14:58:26 Stole this idea for a picture from Chie.15:01:00 Across the water from the parliament buildings.15:01:12
15:26:41 We also took a stroll over to the Peace Palace, but didn't go in (I don't think it's open to visitors on Sunday).15:41:35 In a shop window - a fox in charge of a control panel. Excellent.15:41:43 Close up on the fox.
16:54:26 Quite a nice little shopping arcade in the centre of Den Hague.16:55:40 16:58:41 A stamp collectors' shop. Nice to see a selection of British stamps here!
17:04:02 Looking around for somewhere to have dinner, I rather liked the fun they were having with the menu a this place.17:54:36 Luckily I had my phone with me, and reasonably priced data roaming, so we were able to make an informed decision on where to eat using Google Maps. It really did us proud - I am pretty sure we came to the perfect place for us in Den Hague, a restaurant called De Hardans.17:57:15 Even the bread was very nice.
18:41:23 Some of the most interesting gents' toilets I've seen for a while...18:43:35 Really interesting and eclectic decor.18:54:22 My main course - an open ravioli with wild mushrooms (I think they were girolles), asparagus and salsify. This was very good.
18:55:19 A picture of the three of us at De Hardans. Was very pleased with our choice of this restaurant.19:29:40 Outside De Hardans.19:33:21 On the way to the station in Den Haag now. We walked past this casino which had a series of picture of jubilant looking people (presumably indicating they'd just won some money), however this chap appears to be jubilant because he's eating a sandwich. Or maybe, as a result of his excitement at having won a lot of money, he is celebrating with this sandwich.
19:51:05 Den Haag HS station, a not unattractive building.20:55:14 At the ferry terminal in Hoek van Holland now, I loved these posters advertising Britain as a holiday destination.20:56:29 The Stena Brittanica, which would be taking us back to the UK.
20:57:26 Doesn't Britain look nice? Let's go there!21:11:57 Aboard the Stena Britannica now, hving a wander around the deck before we set sail.21:14:25 Attempt to take a night-time shot, colours came out a bit weird.
21:16:10 This ship looked a lot more nautical than the one we came over on, with these pleasingly stark passageways etc.21:47:55 In the bar, Chie wanted to have a Heineken as a goodbye to Holland drink.22:16:54 A couple more bad attempts to take a night time shot.
22:20:51 23:08:40 Chie craftily taking a picture of me asleep.23:08:56 We were in a standard cabin on the way back, which meant bunk beds. Still pleasant enough.