Hiroshima September 2006

At home with the Moriwakis - Hiroshima September 2006

At home with the Moriwakis

Sunday 24th September 2006

A day spent staying in with Chie's family in Hiroshima.

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14:55:39 Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate - yea that's right, potato chips, covered in chocolate. The slogan hear reads "By breaking down old customs and producing consistently original items, we are pursuing a new level in chocolate enjoyment." ...and good luck to you chaps.

15:01:55 Yuka on the other side of a table strewn with omiyage (Japanese for souvenirs - usually of the edible variety).

15:02:18 A random picture of the tea pot - I just happened to put the camera down here to rest, and then thought it might make a nice picture.

18:23:19 Later on, a bit of a sunset taken from the family home's balcony...

18:23:49 ....same thing again, but pointing in a slightly different direction.