Hiroshima September 2006

Miyajima - Hiroshima September 2006


Saturday 23rd September 2006

A day spent largely on Miyajima, with a visit to Itsukushima Jinja to see a traditional Japanese wedding.

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> Hiroshima September 2006

10:26:56 In the morning after checking out of our hotel, we took a bit of a stroll through the centre of Hiroshima.

10:27:01 It was a very pleasant morning, weather very nice, and Hiroshima seemed very quiet and peaceful.

10:39:03 This shop here is called "Bikkuri Ramen" which translates as "Surprise Noodles". I think the suprise is the price - 180 Yen, less than a pound.

10:46:56 This is from the "Panorama Food Court" from where you can see out over the rest of central Hiroshima.

10:47:02 ...the view in the other direction.

11:59:09 Here we are now on the way to Miyajima, and thus we have the usual picture taken from the ferry, in which you can just about see the famous sea gate.

11:59:19 Chie on the ferry.

12:22:48 On Miyajima now, walking from the ferry port to Itsukushima Jinja, as always it was impossible to resist taking a few pictures here...

12:23:07 ...some of the usual "interesting" experiments in composition.

12:25:19 There seem to be some people on a boat taking a look at the gate here.

12:25:26 Same thing again in landscape.

12:27:16 Part of Itsukushima Jinja.

12:30:00 Taken from inside the Itsukushima shrine complex, looking out to sea.

12:31:56 Again, zoomed in a bit so you can hopefully make out these birds (storks?) standing in the shallow sea.

12:33:10 There were also lots of miniature crabs about.

12:36:31 Again taken inside the shrine complex, including Miyajima's pagoda off in the distance.

12:49:01 A lantern and the gate behind it.

12:49:59 Chie in a very popular picture taking spot.

12:50:39 Me looking like the gate is part of my costume.

12:50:42 That's a bit better.

12:54:28 Another picture of some buildings in the shrine complex and the pagoda off in the distance.... and probably far too much sky, from a compositional point of view.

13:34:19 We had come to the shrine today to watch at a wedding ceremony there. One of the "optional extras" as part of the wedding ceremony at the shrine is this traditional Japanese dance...

13:38:17 Chie referred to this guy as "Miyajima-san" - I think it is some form of local deity or something.

13:46:27 The camera-man at this wedding ceremony looked very similar to Koizumi-san, the Japanese prime minister. Not sure if you can tell that from the back here.

14:51:00 After leaving the shrine, we went for a bit of a wander around the town in Miyajima. This whole hedge-like thing here is in fact a single branch from a tree.

14:51:06 Here's the little cafe place where we had a lunch type snack.

14:51:11 Chie, the hedge and the cafe.

14:52:33 Just up from there is Miyajima's pagoda.

14:53:28 ...a slightly more all-inclusive view of the pagoda.

14:54:50 I rather like this picture - Chie's sister and her mum coming down the steps by the pagoda.

16:53:45 This is taken from Chie's uncle's oyster processing plant on Miyajima.

16:54:18 Unfortunately the lighting didn't really work out here.

16:57:14 A large ship off in the distance.

16:57:25 Another picture of the bay.

16:59:59 Yuka gazing out to sea.

17:01:01 Another attempt to get a picture of the three Moriwaki ladies - still strugling a bit with the lighting.

17:23:13 I decided to go for a bit of a wander while Chie spent time with her family. On the way I encountered this little chap on the road.

17:29:08 ...and then further along one oh his friends. Up until now I would never have put the word "crab" and the word "cute" in the same sentence, but I have to admit this little fella was rather endearing.

17:31:49 A view out over the bay where I sat for a while, enjoying the sea air and the peace and quiet. This feels like a million miles from Tokyo!

17:31:57 Same bay in the other direction.

17:44:42 A heron taking flight.

17:45:35 More sea pictures, as the afternoon was wearing on, the sky down towards the horizon was just starting to take on a slightly pinkish hue.

17:45:52 A self portrait in one of those roadside mirrors that let people in cars see round the corner.

17:53:29 A lone fishing boat in the sea.

17:53:37 Quite a nice colour in the sky now.

18:36:00 This is back at Miyajima's ferry port now, waiting for the boat to the main land...

18:36:16 ...managed to catch the tail end of the sunset here.

18:36:48 The little red blob in the middle here is the famous gate - although it is illuminated at night, it didn't really come out in this picture.

18:37:34 A bit blurry.

18:37:58 One of the ferries there lighting up part of the sea.

18:55:06 I think this is taken from the ferry - can't really make anything out at all now!

21:06:33 Chie and her Dad on the ferry.

21:10:43 Back on the mainland we went to a kind of shopping centre (Fuji Grand?) to find somewhere for dinner. Strangely here is a statue of a horse on top of a statue of an elephant.

21:20:57 Didn't take any pictures during dinner, so instead a couple of random pictures of signs taken on the way back to Chie's parents house. This one says "You wouldn't sit on the floor at the noodle shop, so don't sit on the floor on the train". Errr.

21:22:44 I rather like this depiction of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - the witch here is saying "get this down you, pasty face".