Hiroshima May 2006

Flower Festival - Hiroshima May 2006

Flower Festival

Thursday 4th May 2006

On Chie's Birthday - a quick visit to the annual flower festival, held during Golden Week in Hiroshima.

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15:16:08 So here we are at the flower festival, and there were a lot of people...

15:18:38 So I wanted to see this Japanese comedian called HG, and not being able to get anywhere near due to the crowds, I attempted unsuccessfully to get some pictures round the back of the stage...

15:19:16 ...and the same thing again, taken by holding the camera up above the fence thing.

15:22:31 Chie and the crowds,

15:26:04 Chie waiting patiently... on a toilet.

15:27:12 Very hard to see the stage!

15:30:04 You can just about see some other comedian here...

15:39:51 ...aha, success, pretending like I was just passing through uninterested, I managed to get to a point where I could see the infamous HG - here he is mid "fuuuuuuuu".

15:39:51 A zoomed in version of the previous picture.

15:39:59 ....and there he is again, and that was all I could get before the police politely but firmly told me to move on.

15:39:59 Another zoomed in version.

19:16:47 Later on, dinner at an American style grill in Hiroshima.