Harvey Nichols and Whisky Bar

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Saturday 17th July 2004. A day out in London, including a visit to Harvey Nichols, cake in Hyde Park, and a wee dram at the Whisky Bar at the Athenaeum Hotel. Only a few pictures, but as it was such a nice day out I thought it was worth uploading!

14:08:45 Here's Chie in the bar on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols. Very nice it was too. I think she's drinking apricot juice here.

14:08:55 I opted for a champagne cocktail called a Berry Bliss. Very nice.

14:09:08 Don't I like happy here? Slightly stupid, but happy.

14:23:30 I wanted to get some of the bar in as well as Chie here, but it didn't come out so well.

16:00:46 We bought a couple of cakes in Harvey Nichols, and after leaving the store, wandered over to Hyde Park to find somewhere nice to eat them.

16:01:03 I'm rather fond of this picture of me. My cake was a kind of tiramisu thing...

16:01:14 ...which was really intended to be eaten with a fork, I would have thought.

16:04:11 Chie finishing off her cake. I made a mental note that I must try and persuade some friends to come to one of London's parks for a picnic one day - it is so nice!

16:23:22 Chie relaxing in the Whisky Bar at the Athenaeum. This place was absolutely lovely.

16:23:41 They have over 240 whiskies apparently. It took me a good five minutes to choose, but in the end I opted for a 1977 Ardbeg... and it was fantastic.

16:23:46 A bit blurred here.