Grand Tour
Monday 17th - Monday 24th October 2011
A week spent travelling around Europe by train - a few days in Zurich, a day in Milan, a weekend in Florence, and finally an afternoon in Paris.
John's Pictures

London to Zurich
Monday 17th October 2011
The now-very-familiary train journey from London to Zurich by way of Paris, with the traditional stop off at Au Train de Vie.
Tuesday in Zurich
Tuesday 18th October 2011
Worked at my company's office in Zurich in the daytime, then in the evening went for dinner at Hiltl (Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant) followed by a drink at the Oepfelchammer (Zurich's oldest wine bar).
Wednesday in Zurich
Wednesday 19th October 2011
Another day at the office in Zurich, followed by another evening stroll around Zurich, and a visit to another old bar - this time Cafe Odeon, where Lenin used to go when he lived in Zurich.
Zurich to Milan
Thursday 20th October 2011
Spent the morning at the office in Zurich, then in the afternoon got the train from Zurich over the Alps to Milan. Met up with Chie in Milan in the evening, and went for dinner at Joia (the world's only Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant) followed by drinks at Bar Basso, the birthplace of the Negroni Sbagliato.
Milan to Florence
Friday 21st October 2011
Spent the daytime in Milan, including a visit to see the Last Supper, the Duomo, and various bars and cafes. Got on the train to Florence towards the end of the afternoon, met up with Lorenzo there, and went for pizza in the evening.
Saturday in Tuscany
Saturday 22nd October 2011
Spent the daytime driving around Tuscany, including lunch at Lorenzo's place out in the country, and visits to San Gimignano and Greve in Chianti. Back to Florence in the evening for dinner.
Sunday in Florence
Sunday 23rd October 2011
Spent the day in Florence doing lots of touristy stuff, before getting on the sleeper train to Paris at the end of the evening.
Florence to Paris to London
Monday 24th October 2011
On the sleeper train to Paris in the morning, which arrived at Paris Bercy. Got the metro up to Gare du Nord from there, left our bags in the left luggage, and then spent a few hours around the 10th arondisement, including coffee at Au Train de Vie, lunch at a bento place called Nanashi, and a visit to a boulangerie. Got the Eurostar back to London later on in the afternoon.