Visiting Mum - Saturday - East Midlands

Visiting Mum - Saturday

Saturday 17th July 2010

Ashby and Breedon-on-the-Hill in the morning, followed by a Chinese meal at Golden Dragon in the evening.

East Midlands

11:38:51 Ashby Castle - we decided not to go in.11:53:43 Sheltering from the rain in an alleyway in Ashby.12:17:51 Breedon on the Hill Church.
12:19:31 Inside Breedon church.12:19:57 12:23:11 Particularly interesting are these Saxon stone carvings - over a thousand years old!
12:23:15 12:23:48 12:23:53
12:24:01 12:29:47 14:18:24 Some cider bought from Ashby Farmer's Market.
18:46:53 Chie demonstrating the difference in size between our shoes.18:47:48 I can only fit a very small amount of my foot in Chie's shoes.19:49:54 Dinner at Golden Dragon - very nice!