Dartmoor - Darmouth


Thursday 23rd July 2009

A fantastic day out on Dartmoor, including walks around four tors (Combestone, King's, Hound and Hay) and three pubs - The Warren House Inn, The Rugglestone Inn and the Rock Inn. Followed by a boat trip over the water from Dartmouth to Kingswear in the evening.


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09:31:50 Shortly after arriving on the moor, we were greeted by this herd of ponies, near Venford reservoir.09:32:15 09:32:22

09:33:08 09:33:16 Chie and some ponies.09:33:50 This one seemed particularly inquisitive.

09:33:56 09:34:18 09:43:49 Our next stop was Combestone Tor - a delightfully accessible tor, and a very nice introduction to the day. There's Chie wandering over from the car park.

09:44:02 One of the main outcrops of Combestone Tor.09:45:27 09:45:55 Nice views to be had from here.

09:46:37 09:47:10 Me and Chie - and you can just see our car behind my shouler.09:47:46 Very nice too.

10:28:49 For our next tor, I decided we should try something moderately more ambitious, so we headed over to King's Tor.10:31:42 Nice shot with a boundary stone in the foreground.10:35:04 Whilst it looks like a nice dry day it was very wet underfoot in places!

10:38:41 ...crossing the stream here was a little difficult too.10:46:08 It's going to be pretty hard to write comments for all of these pictures!10:47:20 Looking North towards Merrivale.

10:47:25 10:51:34 10:55:52 Looking over towards the television/radio mast near Princetown.

10:55:56 So I think we're pretty much at the top now...10:56:01 10:56:06 Quite like this one - I think it really says Dartmoor.

10:56:11 10:56:41 Chie on the top of the tor.10:56:47 ...and again.

11:53:06 We felt we'd earned our first pub visit by this point, and were very hungry, so without further ado we headed over to the famous Warren House Inn.12:04:42 A very nice pint of Dartmoor (of course!) in the Warren House Inn.12:10:49 Homity Pie for lunch - very hearty and satisftying, just the sort of thing you need after a morning's walking.

12:35:39 Me in front of the fire at the Warren House Inn, which never goes out (although it appears they no longer use peat - shame!).12:57:59 In front of the Warren House Inn - must be lovely to sit out here on a sunny day.12:58:05 One last shot of the Warren House Inn before heading off.

13:26:55 We thought it might be nice to visit Widdecombe on our way through to the Eastern part of the moor. I quite like this shot of the church spire and the very well seasoned sign post.13:27:54 The cottage beside the church, owned by the National Trust.14:01:08 I noticed a signpost in Widdecombe pointing down to the Rugglestone Inn, and couldn't resist following it.

14:09:38 Lovely little pub both inside and out - here's me standing in the doorway.14:09:40 ...and again.14:09:51 ....and there's the doorway without me standing in it. Erm.

14:13:33 Once the rain had stopped we went and sat out in the garden for a few minutes - doesn't the pub look really charming with the little leat in front of it?14:20:32 ...and there were assorted fowl running around the garden too.14:32:07 Heading back up the hill to Widdecombe.

15:15:52 Next stop, Hound Tor, and I was rather taken with the name of this mobile cafe in the car park.15:15:57 ...a close-up in case you couldn't read it - "Hound of the Basket Meals" - genius!15:24:30 As soon as the rain let up we (along with everyone else who had been waiting in the car park) strolled purposefully up to Hound Tor.

15:26:49 15:30:43 Chie atop Hound Tor.15:31:28

15:31:39 16:12:06 Our final Tor for the day was Hay Tor, which seemed to bring with it a dramatic change in the weather! Lovely views from here, all the way out to sea.16:12:13 You wouldn't think it had been raining just 30 minutes or so earlier!

16:13:26 ...although looking back inland back towards Dartmoor the clouds were still a little threatening.16:13:48 ....but turn around again and it's all blue skies!16:15:12 Mixture of heather and gorse here.

16:16:04 Isn't that lovely?16:16:11 16:18:07 Plenty of nice views to be had from the top of Hay Tor - a very good return on investment for the very short walk up from the car park!

16:19:32 16:19:50 ...but the clouds over there still looking very ominous!16:20:24 Quite a large lump of rock atop Hay Tor.

16:22:25 ...although you don't get much of a sense of scale here!16:38:22 Before leaving the moor we thought we'd pop to one last pub - and this one was more of a hotel - The Rock Inn.16:41:28 Rather splendid interior...

16:43:29 ....on lots of different levels - particularly liked this little lounge where we sat.18:57:50 Back in Dartmouth once more, and out plan for the evening was to go over the water to Kingswear for dinner.19:04:16 So here we are on the little passenger ferry that runs a great service between Dartmouth and Kingswear.

19:05:10 I found the idea of going out for the evening by boat very appealing!19:05:26 Vera and Chie on the boat - we managed to persuade Vera to sit outside as it was only a short run.19:05:52

19:06:49 Looking back over to Dartmouth.19:09:28 ...and here we are in Kingswear now - I really liked the frontage of the Royal Dart Hotel, which was to be our first port of call (almost a pun there) of the evening.19:16:01 The water was apparently unusually high today, and sitting in the lower bar of the Royal Dart felt like being on a boat.

19:17:46 Me looking a bit scruffy in the Royal Dart.19:36:30 Looking back down the hill to the little ferry terminal, and the station for the steam train on the right hand side.19:37:21 The Ship Inn, our second port of call - which suited us much better.

19:45:05 Vera and Chie enjoying an aperitif at the Ship Inn.20:33:51 ...and then dinner!21:09:31 Outside the Ship Inn as we were leaving.

21:12:38 There is a third pub in Kingswear - the Steam Packet Inn - but we decided to call it night and skip that one - so I thought I'd just take a picture of the outside for completeness' sake.21:13:10 Heading back to the ferry now.21:24:48 On the ferry, night time shot looking back to Kingswear.

21:24:56 ...and in the other direction, across to Dartmouth.21:25:23 A couple more ferry shots...21:25:38

21:29:45 ...and back in Dartmouth once again.