Maltster's Arms and Sharpham Vineyard - Darmouth

Maltster's Arms and Sharpham Vineyard

Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Lunch at the Maltster's Arms (formerly owned by Keith Floyd) and then an afternoon's wine and cheese tasting at the Sharpham vineyard.


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11:12:25 This boat moored outside our flat was a source of intrigue for a couple of days, as you can see here it appears to be listing, although this may have just been because it was low tide.12:04:49 The Maltsters Arms. I'd been here once before, in 2002, with Dad and Chie, at the end of a day trip to Dartmouth. Since then it had stuck in my memory and I'd been keen to go back.12:18:28 Vera and Chie in the Maltsters, enjoying our little nook in the corner.

12:21:42 Well the creek here is not quite as picturesque at low tide, but hopefully you get the idea.12:24:12 Imagine that without the mud!12:36:42 Lunch, the food here was quite nice as well as it being a lovely spot.

13:14:34 Out the front of the pub again.13:29:42 Erm... really not sure what I was taking a picture of here in hindsight! Just a bit of a view of the river perhaps...?13:44:18 At the Sharpham vineyards now, a quick initial walk around before our tasting.

13:44:42 Some very young grapes on the vines there.13:53:32 At the place where we did the tasting now.13:53:34

14:23:16 Here's the rosé which was possibly my favourite of the five wines we tried.14:23:17 14:23:20

14:28:10 Chie and some cheese.14:48:00 After the tasting, we left Vera having a sit down, and Chie and I went for another dash around the vineyard.14:50:30

14:51:30 I think these may have been the black grapes.14:52:11 14:53:52 The vineyard goes right down to the river, as we'd seen from the boat the other day.

14:57:56 20:10:44 Back in Dartmouth now, a couple of shots on the way to dinner.20:11:04 Weather actually looking not too bad at the moment!