Plymouth - Darmouth


Tuesday 21st July 2009

Afternoon in Plymouth for a visit to the gin distillery, followed by an exploration of Dartmouth's pubs in the evening.


John's Pictures
Maison de Stuff

14:57:56 Outside the Plymouth Gin Distillery.14:58:00 14:58:08 Chie standing in front of the distillery.

15:07:14 The bus stop outside the distillery - this rather appealed to me.15:07:40 More exterior shots of the distillery...15:08:25

15:17:40 A quick walk down to the quay while we were waiting for the tour to start.15:43:44 The still room - there's the spirit safe...15:43:50 ....and a couple of the more unusually shaped stills behind it (I assume these were stills - not 100% sure).

15:43:55 Thats definitely a still.16:11:14 After the tour, a Plymouth gin and tonic at the bar, which had quite a nice vaulted ceiling.16:11:33 Chie having a sip of G and T.

16:26:27 The gardens of the nearby Elizabethan house.16:27:44 16:29:21

16:31:28 Windy little street in the Barbican.16:32:31 Outside an antiques / bric-a-brac shop, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this giant lobster.16:32:42 ...including this inevitable shot.

20:16:40 Back in Dartmouth, I'd decided after a quick dinner we should spent the evening exploring Dartmouth's pubs. So here's the first one, just round the corner from our flat - the Ship in Dock Inn.20:16:57 Vera and Robin outside the pub.20:36:08 Chie striding purposefully up the hill.

20:39:22 Quite nice views out over Dartmouth from these windy little streets up the hill.20:39:58 The rooftops of Dartmouth, and beyond over the water to Kingswear.20:40:45 More Dartmouth rooftops.

20:44:54 Chie playing with a dog outside the chip shop.20:53:02 Playing Connect 4 in our second pub The Dolphin - not exactly my cup of tea here, but never mind...21:01:06

21:01:11 Not sure why I have my eyes closed here.21:01:16 21:11:36 Chie getting in the way of me taking a picture of the Dolphin.

21:11:40 ...that's better.21:14:14 evening shot of the nice little lane leading up to the church.21:16:15 The Seven Stars, which could have been pub number 3 (was tempted by the claim to it being Dartmouth's oldest pub) but we were put off by the loud music blurting out from inside.

21:22:54 So instead we went to The Cherub, which is just fantastic in every possible way.21:34:24 Chie in the Cherub. Hard to get a sense of how lovely the interior is from this couple of pictures alone.21:48:41 Outside the Cherub.

21:48:47 21:53:19 A seagull who we followed down the street.21:53:32 There he is again...

21:53:38 ...and again...21:53:48 ...and again.21:57:04 The little marina by night.

21:58:45 Some slightly naff attempts at night time shots.21:59:23