Boat Trip on the Dart and Totnes - Darmouth

Boat Trip on the Dart and Totnes

Monday 20th July 2009

Took the boat up the Dart to Totnes, and spent a couple of hours wandering around there.


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11:33:58 Chie in the rather grand lounge in our holiday flat.11:48:17 Walking down the gangplank to get on the boat that would take us up the river.11:56:25 On the boat now.

12:04:38 Can see the steam train in the background here.12:05:06 ...slightly clearer here.12:05:18 There follow lots of boaty type pictures for which I'll struggle to find comments!

12:06:06 There's the train disappearing out of view.12:10:22 Nice old shipbuilder's premises.12:10:35 Chie on the boat.

12:11:51 Apparently this is a rival ferry, and the chap doing the commentary on our boat asked us not to wave.12:24:34 Heading up the Dart.12:27:30 ....hmmm well the views look a bit bland in these pictures - probably at least partly because of the grey weather - but you'll have to take my word for it that it seemed much nicer than this at the time!

12:48:45 Looking at some of the Sharpham estate's vineyards here - which we'd be visiting later in the week.12:48:50 Chie enjoying the view.12:59:05 A large flock of Canadian geese on the riverbank.

13:14:39 Robin and Robert waiting for us on the quayside at Totnes.13:14:43 13:14:46

13:14:51 13:46:23 In Totnes now. I thought I'd take a picture of this rather attractive example of a corner pub, but didn't actually go in.13:46:34 Looking up the main road in Totnes.

14:16:15 This was my lunch - a sort of all day vegetarian breakfast. It came with a slice of halloumi which I thought was a nice touch.14:52:20 A nice little courtyard in Totnes.14:54:24 More nice old buildings.

14:59:54 Lovely old door to the guildhall.15:00:01 The church in Totnes.15:32:16 This bric-a-brac shop had a light aircraft in the garden beside it.

19:57:07 Back at the flat that evening - Chie and I made dinner - here are the insalata tricolore starters, although I neglected to take a picture of our main course.