Around Dartmouth - Darmouth

Around Dartmouth

Sunday 19th July 2009

Spent the day in and around Dartmouth, including a walk along to the castle.


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13:41:27 In Dartmouth, one of many pictures taken this holiday looking across the water to Kingswear.15:49:55 The little marina (is that the right word for it) in the centre of Dartmouth.15:50:07

16:25:24 Dartmouth police station - note the flower pots!16:25:30 ....and there's a close-up just in case.16:31:05 Out for a wander around the town, I particularly liked this pink cottage here.

16:31:21 Chie - and as you can see the weather wasn't at its best.16:31:24 A dog that I couldn't quite get in shot properly.16:34:38 A few pictures inside the lovely old church in Dartmouth.

16:34:52 16:36:00 Close up on the painted screen which is apparently quite ancient and something of a rarity.16:41:12 More olde worlde buildings around Dartmouth.

16:43:01 The Cherub Inn - visited later in the week, this is a fantastic pub.16:43:29 The side of the Cherub.16:49:26 Views over Dartmouth on the way to the castle...

16:49:38 16:56:39 17:02:02

17:06:05 17:06:16 17:09:40

17:16:51 Some wild strawberries.17:26:04 The church by the castle.17:26:09

17:26:58 Slightly exotic looking little cove by the castle.17:48:55 A bit of the castle and over the water to the other tower - apparently there used to be chains ran between the two to protect the entrance to the harbour.17:50:11

17:50:19 The sea looks quite blue now!17:55:56 View back to the castle from the little jetty where the ferry back to the centre of Dartmouth goes from.17:56:07 ....there's the sign to prove it!

17:56:30 A handprint in the concrete.17:56:45 Looking back towards Dartmouth.18:56:13 I've always been a fan of these sorts of shots with lots of sky and a little bit of land and sea at the bottom.

18:56:33's at least interesting, wouldn't you agree! Gives a very different sense of space... or something.20:35:20 Later on, back at the flat - here's the view from the lounge...20:35:35 ....and again trying not to get the road/cars in shot!