David and Lucy's Wedding - Darmouth

David and Lucy's Wedding

Saturday 18th July 2009

Kicking off our week's holiday with David and Lucy's wedding in Padstow.


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15:09:00 St. Petroc's Church in Padstow, where the ceremony was held.15:16:14 15:16:25

15:33:43 Chie and I decided to grab a quick pasty in Padstow between the ceremony and the reception...15:33:50 ...it was a bit odd being all dressed up in the middle of Padstow amidst all the tourists!16:13:08 At the reception now, lots of group pictures taking place...

16:13:20 The wedding party.16:45:19 Lovely views all the way out to sea from here.17:46:38 David and Lucy cutting the cake.

17:46:43 20:57:04 Hmmm... not sure why I took this picture!