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Saturday 19th February 2005. A day out in the Cotswolds.

11:39:36 By the river next to the ar park in Burford.

12:13:47 One of the bridges in Bourton-on-the-Water.

12:14:07 ...another bridge.

12:25:40 Bourton-on-the-water again.

12:25:50 I guess this could have turned into the three wise monkeys...

12:32:49 In the middle village in Bourton...

12:33:08 ...took quite a lot of pictures here...

12:33:54 ...I think we're supposed to be looking like monsters here.

12:34:12 ...and again here.

12:35:44 A periscope.

12:35:50 The periscope again.

12:37:11 Both me and Chie liked this little cottage on the corner.

12:37:26 More of the model village.

12:39:43 ...and yet more...

12:41:28 ...and more...

13:24:41 After Bourton-on-the-water we went for a drive throug Lower Slaughter and then Upper Slaughter. Upper Slaughter has this rather nice churchyard.

13:29:31 The ford in Upper Slaughter.

14:46:49 This is Chipping Campden now.

14:46:53 Again Chipping Campden.

16:14:46 Afternoon tea, back down in Burford.

16:15:11 I'm looking a bit crazy here - maybe at the sight of all those cakes?

16:15:15 Mmmmm cakes....

16:17:15 A gratuitous cake shot to finish on.