Veryan, Portloe and Gorran Haven - Cornwall Summer 2008

Veryan, Portloe and Gorran Haven

Sunday 29th June 2008

A meandering trip along the coast to the East of the Roseland peninsula.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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11:18:48 The grown-ups out on the terrace, taken from mine and Chie's bedroom window.11:19:09 11:19:18

11:54:12 This is in Veryan - these round houses were built with no corners, to ward off evil spirits.11:54:41 11:55:04 Shame about that car!

11:55:33 Managed to hide the car behind some foliage here.12:11:36 This is Portloe, which was rather charming.12:11:55

12:12:02 Up on the cliffs above Portloe.12:12:56 12:13:33 Lovely sea views here.

12:14:14 Presumably this is a sewage pipe - is that where Portloo gets its name from?12:14:22 Lovely blue sea and sky!12:14:50

12:16:42 12:18:27 12:20:45

12:20:56 12:22:26 12:22:43

12:34:21 Out on the terrace of the Lugger Hotel in Portloe.12:34:32 A lovely spot, but the staff were pretty incompetent here - they forgot our order, and it took around an hour to come in the end.12:48:24 The fishing boats you can see from the terrace of the lugger.

12:50:24 14:47:44 Our next brief stopping off point after Portloe - Hemmick beach?14:47:59

14:49:39 14:49:50 14:51:26

14:53:32 15:03:12 Taken from the rather lovely little stretch of gated road near to Gorran Haven.15:03:24

15:03:31 15:03:47 15:05:43

15:06:38 We seem to be leaning over at an improbably angle here!15:07:08 15:09:20 I rather like this picture - a bit like a car advert.

15:28:04 This is Gorran Haven now.15:28:14 15:29:06

15:29:48 15:29:52 15:33:23

15:34:00 15:34:08 15:38:40

15:39:28 ...this chap was taking his role as guard dog very seriously!15:39:41 15:40:31

16:04:54 I spotted Polmassick on the map, and was determined to pass through - I had once put a finger on a map to find a name for a new Meaning of Liff term - see here.16:12:58 Erm, the sign at the other end of Polmassick (we stopped off inbetween to visit the vineyard and buy a bottle of wine).17:00:08 Back at the house, lovely sun glinting off the sea.

17:03:49 Chie in front of the house.17:13:00 Lovely weather for a bit of a loll about on the lawn.18:25:11 Everybody out on the terrace for a glass of Pimm's!

18:50:38 It was my turn to cook dinner tonight, so here I am beavering away in the kitchen.18:50:46 Halloumi grilling...18:50:55

19:05:33 19:05:40 19:11:19

19:11:34 Dinner is served! With a bottle of good old Veuve Cliquot.19:11:36 19:11:57

19:12:02 Chloe waits patiently for bits to fall on the floor.19:12:04 20:28:05 The Polmassic wine, out on the terrace.

20:29:39 Quite a nice sky this evening.20:31:18 20:38:51

20:38:57 20:39:06 20:39:54

20:40:00 Rather fond of this one.20:45:52 20:45:58

20:49:14 20:49:27 21:40:19