St. Just and St. Mawes - Cornwall Summer 2008

St. Just and St. Mawes

Saturday 28th June 2008

A wonder around St-Just-in-Roseland in the morning, then a trip into St Mawes in the afternoon.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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09:44:55 In the morning, the view from Bar Point (our house for the week) - it had definitely cleared up a bit since yesterday.09:44:59 09:45:03

09:45:22 The house again.09:46:57 of the fantastic things about the house is that there's a beach at the bottom of the garden!09:47:16

10:58:10 they also have wi-fi there, so I could browse the internet out on the terrace with my morning cup of tea, whilst overlooking the sea.10:58:34 Chie enjoying the sea air.11:19:44 We also took the opportunity to call (via Skype) Chie's parents - superb as it meant we could use the built in camera in my MacBook, and share the view with them.

11:29:47 The view from the front of the house again - even brighter now.11:38:07 11:42:43 Chie enjoying our own private beach!

11:42:55 11:50:38 11:51:03

12:07:42 We went for a little walk along the coast from the house, I rather liked this collection of buoys.12:12:19 This here is St. Just church, which is situated in a rather fabulous spot.12:12:29 Some nice old boats.

12:14:01 12:14:13 The church up close.12:14:25 Nice boat house here.

12:15:15 Me and Chie on the little jetty.12:15:52 Can just about see the church on the left hand side here.12:16:30

12:16:45 Robin looking quite nautical.12:17:22 Rather like this one of the old boat and the church, with the lagoon in between. You could be in the Caribbean...12:17:31 ...and the same again in portrait.

12:19:54 Some bricks on the beach. Was trying to be arty.12:25:03 Robin and Chie in front of St. Just church.12:25:34

12:25:50 12:26:08 12:27:21

12:28:53 Interesting moss by the side of the church here.12:29:19 12:29:59

12:31:35 Chie and the holy well.12:31:42 12:32:57 Another view of the church from the other side of the bay.

12:36:41 Robin and me hacking our way through the jungle.12:37:15 This appeared to be another well.12:38:16 I'm likin' this lichen.

12:38:45 Palm trees.12:39:42 The gate to the churchyard.12:40:03 Quite a famous view here (the church seen through this gate, with the water behind) although I'm not sure I caught it quite right.

13:23:34 In St. Mawes now, some rather charming petrol pumps.13:28:42 Chie waiting for chips at the takeaway in St. Mawes.13:39:24 Rather like this picture - Ian, Louise and Vera on the harbour steps.

13:40:56 Chie on the steps.13:48:43 This seagull was keeping a close eye on us as we ate our chips.13:53:07

14:52:22 In the field below St. Mawes castle - Robin dropped us off here so we could walk back to the house.14:52:35 14:52:46

14:53:46 Bit of St. Mawes castle.14:54:01 15:02:15 Lovely fields by the sea on the way back from St. Mawes.

15:02:25 15:09:51 15:23:13 We dropped down and walked along the shore for a bit.

15:28:14 ...although this was quite difficult in places!15:39:18 15:44:29

15:53:22 The steps leading up to Bar Point from the beach.16:35:52 As we'd had a bit of a warm spell towards the end of the afternoon, I rather foolishly thought I'd give the water a go.16:35:59 It was bloody freezing!

16:36:10 16:36:24 16:36:35

16:38:38 Yes, I was in the sea for the sum total of about 3 minutes.16:38:48 16:38:58

16:43:08 ...back to the house for a hot shower!17:15:51 Later on, watching from the terrace as the early evening sun glinted off the sea among the yachts.17:16:58 Chloe - Louise and Ian's dog.

17:17:23 17:20:23 The yachts again.17:49:54 When in Cornwall it is of course mandatory to drink scrumpy (although I note this one is actually from Somerset!).

18:12:16 Chie in the garden - all looking very summery!18:12:53 Some very small apples on the trees already.18:13:02 Scrumpy!

18:13:48 Gooseberries.19:16:55 More views out from the terrace as the evening wore on...19:17:41

20:42:27 Louise's excellent pavlova...21:16:18 22:19:21

22:19:48 22:21:18 22:22:11