Travelling to Cornwall, and Dinner at the Tresanton - Cornwall Summer 2008

Travelling to Cornwall, and Dinner at the Tresanton

Friday 27th June 2008

Got the train down to Cornwall in the afternoon, picked up our hire car in Truro, then met Vera and Robin at the house before heading out to the Tresanton in St. Mawes for dinner.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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14:47:39 Chie on the train, near Dawlish I think.17:05:18 In the hire care place in Truro statio.18:03:35 The King Harry Ferry!

18:05:37 18:07:30 18:23:14

18:24:58 20:31:00 Bar Point - our home for the next week.20:31:05 A bit hard to appreciate on a day like today, but it has a fabulous sea view.

21:21:37 Later on that evening, a late dinner at the Hotel Tresanton in St. Mawes. This is Chie's starter - "monk cheeks" with broad beans.21:21:43 Me and Robin at dinner.21:22:36 A picture of the four of us taken by the waiter.

21:45:57 Chie's main course - sea bass with langoustine and mussels.21:46:14 Robin's main course - lamb.22:22:47 Chie's dessert.

22:52:15 Chie rather enjoyed these wellies.22:52:27 22:56:50 Very nice steps leading up to the hotel.

22:56:59 Robin, me and Vera on the steps.22:58:13 The hotel sign.