Heligan and The Smuggler's Cottage - Cornwall Summer 2008

Heligan and The Smuggler's Cottage

Thursday 3rd July 2008

Sounds a bit like the title of a Harry Potter book doesn't it? Anyway, today we went to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and then later in the afternoon had a fantastic cream tea at the Smuggler's Cottage, near the King Harry Ferry.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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11:54:19 Me and Vera sitting outside the farm shop attached to Heligan.12:15:27 In the gardens now...12:17:09 I believe these were called "ram pumps" or something, but I didn't actually work out what they do.

12:22:34 You could see right down to the sea from this bit of Heligan.12:23:30 One of the little courtyards in the Northern gardens.12:24:04 Nice little pond here.

12:25:37 I believe this bit was called the New Zealand garden.12:26:10 Chie looking quite intrepid here.12:26:59 Some lovely lily-esque flowers. No attempt has been made to gild these.

12:28:35 In a little grotto. 12:28:46 Looks a bit scary actually!12:29:55 The grotto from the outside.

12:33:56 In the flower gardens now.12:34:10 12:35:04 ...and here's some very tasty looking lettuces.

12:35:08 Rosemary etc...12:35:44 12:39:29

12:40:07 12:40:29 Let there be no misunderstanding about the purpose of this wheelbarrow.12:41:26 Basil.

12:45:34 I liked the view through these greenhouses here.12:45:53 Some pears - alas not quite the season yet!12:47:51 I think this was referred to as the Italian garden.

12:47:54 12:48:13 12:48:46

12:49:56 In the vegetable garden, some lovely archways with apple trees through the middle.12:50:15 Chie particularly liked the effect of the shadows here.12:50:32 Mmmmm... I can't wait for apple season this year!

12:50:56 12:51:12 Lovely colours here.12:52:05 Asparagus - I think this is the first time I've actually seen it growing.

12:52:58 12:55:05 Artichokes.13:00:06 Erm...? Not even sure what this is...!

13:00:42 13:16:57 On the edge of the gardens here, this is just a regular bit of natural woodland.13:22:51 A very interesting tree.

13:27:27 In the "jungle" now.13:28:16 There was a rather nice boardwalk around the outside of the jungle, which made for a lovely stroll.13:28:28

13:29:52 13:30:17 13:31:32 Banana leaves here...?

13:31:37 13:32:48 Nice sky there.13:33:25

13:34:36 13:37:53 13:43:22 I like this sign.

13:43:57 A sneaky peek at the actual house, which is not open to the public.13:54:06 I believe this bit is called "The Ravine".14:08:05 In the tearooms now for a late lunch.

15:29:04 The Roseland Inn in Phileigh. Unfortunately it wasn't open when we were driving past.15:41:45 So, plan B - the Smuggler's Cottage at Talverne.15:42:11 I believe they also run passenger ferry services from here.

15:43:15 It's a rather idyllic spot is the Smuggler's Cottage - fabulously twee!15:49:17 The view from our table in the gardens. Quite lovely.15:54:11 ...our scones, very nice they were too.

15:54:38 Well this shot was obviously doomed to failure. Anyway I was trying to illustrate how Tregothnan is just across the water from the Smuggler's Cottage, where fittingly Tregothnan tea is served.15:58:16 So here we have it - an exquisite cup of tea, a superb scone, and a lovely view. Bliss.16:00:38 A very brave bird that came and sat on our table. Unfortunately I couldn't quite focus on it.

16:14:58 Chie on the sty on the entrance to the tea gardens.16:15:21 What a lovely spot!16:15:26 ...and of course a lot of the customers arrive by boat, which must be even nicer.

16:16:14 The entrance to the cottage itself.16:17:33 A table with 'OWNER' written on it.16:17:37 A close-up in case you couldn't see the label.

16:17:43 The Smuggler's Cottage life ring (whatever you call those things).16:18:39 Of course this spot is also important historically, having been one of the launching places for the D-Day landings.16:19:47

16:19:57 I rather liked this old sign.16:21:35 I was hoping to Photoshop out the "COTTAGE PATRONS" here, but will probably never get round to it.16:56:34 Back at the house now, what a lovely view!

16:58:08 The little beach at the bottom of the garden, at high tide here.16:58:22 Lovely sun glinting off the water.17:01:35 The garden seen from a different angle.

17:01:49 Chie having a go on the swing.17:06:40 We decided to take a short stroll along the coast from the house...17:09:25

17:12:28 A nice little beach a short walk from the house.17:13:40 ...with lots of good stones for skimming!17:13:46

17:13:57 17:14:12 17:15:14 Classic me and Chie shot.

17:21:03 Chie wanted to get her shadow in this picture.19:33:15 Tonight's aperitif - some sparkling chardonnay.19:34:32 Me popping the cork.

19:34:48 ...and pouring out the glasses...19:35:02 19:35:21

19:35:55 Cheers!19:35:57 19:53:19 Dinner in the conservatory (although I thought it was warm enough to eat outside)...

20:24:55 Yates finishing off the leftovers.20:32:34 Dad tending to a bonfire which the gardener had started earlier in the day, and had got a little out of control.20:54:14 Sunset over the bay.

21:24:10 Chie in the late evening sun.21:26:03 21:26:10 Nice clouds over Falmouth there.

21:26:15 Lovely!21:28:03 21:28:16