The Eden Project and St. Anthony's Head - Cornwall Summer 2008

The Eden Project and St. Anthony's Head

Wednesday 2nd July 2008

A visit to the Eden Project (a bit over hyped if you ask me...) and a meandering drive back, including a stop off at St. Anthony's Head to take in the view.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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12:29:59 There are the "Biomes".12:30:23 12:34:51 Chie with an improvised hat.

12:35:24 Glastonbury-esque flags.12:36:30 12:42:18 Inside one of the Biomes now.

12:43:38 Me and some foliage.12:46:05 12:52:55 Some sculptures.

12:53:35 Grapes.13:06:33 Me having lunch - a rather disappointing vegetable pasty and some overcooked chips.13:08:07 Chie and her pasty.

13:31:39 Back to the Biomes. In the Jungle themed one now, which I suppose I have to begrudgingly admit was quite impressive in places.13:34:30 13:35:23

13:35:35 13:35:50 13:36:57

13:37:23 Sabah - my Dad has been here.13:38:24 13:44:37 Chie liked these flowers.

13:45:34 13:46:10 13:46:37 Me in a Biome.

13:46:39 13:47:14 13:55:03 Bananas.

13:55:36 Bananas on a conveyor belt. Not sure I really understood the meaning of this.13:56:13 A bird. Seemed very comfortable being around people, so I guess this must live here.13:56:24

13:56:32 14:05:55 Outside now, here's a little field of barley!14:06:06 Mmmmmm... selection of barley for malting.

14:08:28 A big bee sculpture.14:09:28 The lavender had quite a weird effect on your eyes if you stared at it for too long.14:11:44 Some nice colours among these flowers.

14:11:59 14:14:22 A garden shed and an allotment.14:15:15 I don't think I had ever seen turmeric growing before.

14:31:15 One last view of the Biomes on the way out.15:53:08 On the way back we went through Veryan, to see the other two round houses we'd missed on our previous visit.15:53:15 I think I slightly preferred these two if anything.

16:05:16 We also stopped off at Pendower beach. I misread the map a bit and thought we could continue on through on the road here, it turned out there are two roads that lead to this beach, but they don't actually quite link up.16:05:27 16:44:33 Our final stop-off on the way back was St. Anthony's Head. I no longer remember what appealed to me about this sign.

16:45:21 The view across to Falmouth, from near the lighthouse.16:47:19 There's the lighthouse.16:47:51 A few more shots of that lighthouse...

16:48:44 16:48:51 16:49:07 ...and some more views out to sea from there.

16:50:36 16:50:41 16:52:45 We followed the coast back around a bit.

16:52:56 ...zoomed in on St. Mawes here.16:55:29 A slightly scary little observation platform.16:55:48 Interesting sky here.

16:55:55 16:56:21 Hmmm, the lighting didn't really work here - I'm in shadow a bit.16:57:18 Interesting skies again.

16:57:50 A nice little stepped path leading back to the car park.17:01:46 17:04:28 Looking out from St. Anthony's Head here.

17:05:36 The weather looked different depending on which direction we faced.17:05:46 17:09:38 Self timer shot of me and Chie.

17:31:16 Oh yes, we also stopped off very briefly at Percuil, which wasn't particularly interesting, but did seem to have a lot of boats.17:31:26 Chie looking at some boats at Percuil.18:24:42 Back at the house once more - tonight's aperitif was some Pimm's, with a couple of bowls of olives.

20:15:51 A shot of us all having dinner to end the day on.