Portscatho - Cornwall Summer 2008


Tuesday 1st July 2008

Visiting the little fishing village we used to go to for holidays when I was a little boy.

Cornwall Summer 2008

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12:13:12 Chie on the street facing the harbour in Portscatho.12:17:57 Looking out to sea from the harbour in Portscatho.12:18:30 The house we used to stay in on holidays when I was a kid.

12:19:22 Boats in the harbour in Portscatho.12:25:34 Heading out of the village, towards the little bay we used to go to when we were kids.12:29:52 Chie clambering down the rocks to the little bay.

12:30:37 Here's me down on the beach. Not as sandy as I remember it!12:30:45 12:30:49

12:31:28 12:36:43 Re-enacting the time when me and my brother buried my Dad's shoes...12:36:55

12:37:06 12:37:26 12:37:47

12:38:01 12:38:15 Dad pretending to look cross.12:38:24

12:38:33 In this part of the reconstruction I humbly offer the only one of the pair we were able to find.12:38:37 12:40:59 Nick's shoes.

12:42:10 12:45:18 Me, Dad, Louise and Ian on the beach.12:45:34 Same again with Chie taking my place.

12:48:18 Looking down to the little bay once more as we were leaving.12:48:42 Walking back to Portscatho.12:57:32 Lovely clifftop garden on the edge of Portscatho.

13:00:52 A couple more shots of Portscatho before heading back to the house...13:20:53 13:21:19

17:43:11 Back at the house. Tonight's aperitif: whisky. Although I don't recall if this one was Port Ellen or Port Charlotte.17:43:19 Chie looking down from our bedroom window.17:47:37 Our own little private beach, the tide is quite high here and there's a lot of seaweed!

17:48:18 The yachts moored near the house.17:48:31 17:51:50 Chie jumping about in the front garden...

17:51:54 17:51:59 17:52:01

17:52:04 17:52:05 17:52:07

17:53:48 Mmmm... these little apples growing in the garden looked delicious, but regrettably were not ready to be picked yet.17:54:12 17:55:21 View from the side/back of the house.

17:56:20 Chie peering into the kitchen window.20:32:32 Dad and Janie out on the terrace.21:28:54 A mild outbreak of hysterics as we tried to sort out how Vera was going to get back on Friday.

21:28:58 22:25:13 After all the stress of trying to arrange Vera's return journey, she decided she needed a smoke - not sure you can quite see the colours here, but these are Sobranies - a bit of a family tradition.22:33:03 Never having really understood the appeal of smoking myself, I thought I'd just hold one and let it burn out so as not to be left out.

22:57:38 A bit of a disappointing attempt at taking a night shot across the bay to the lights of Falmouth harbour.