Travelling Back - Cornwall June 2010

Travelling Back

Saturday 26th June 2010

Travelling back from Dartmoor to London by way of Exeter.

Cornwall June 2010
10:03:17 The Warren House Inn on Dartmoor. Sadly iy wasn't open at 10am.10:03:27 The views from the Warren House Inn. Best beer garden ever?10:03:32 Bye for now Dartmoor!
11:12:55 The Stowey Arms in Exminster (conveniently very close to where we dropped off our hire car). Apparently my Great Grandfather used to drink here. I guess it has changed quite a lot since then!13:19:31 Lunch in Exeter - bizarrely at a Moroccan restaurant. 13:59:47 Dessert - I love Arabic coffee, Chie loves mint tea, we both love baklava.
14:26:38 Outside Al-Farid, the Moroccan restaurant.14:27:33 Exeter cathedral.16:08:59 Chie having dozed off on the train back to London.